5 Best WordPress Hosting Review in 2022 – Fast and Secure

Last Updated on October 14, 2022

WordPress is a free, open-source, and the world’s most extensive content management system. Although this platform can be used to create a visually stunning website, that’s a step for later. Purchasing the best WordPress hosting is the first step.

However, the market is full of hosting providers that claim to be the best, making it difficult to find the best WordPress hosting. Though it is obvious that not every one of them can be the best, finding some of the best hosting providers can be a time-consuming task.

To make sure that you are not stuck with a costly yet poor hosting service provider, we will introduce you to some of the best WordPress hosting providers you can trust with your goals.

1. Cloudways: Best for Total Customization

Cloudways Hosting
Image Source: Cloudways

The perfect balance between affordability and functionality can be found with Cloudways. Though Colorways hosting does things a bit differently than the competitors, they can be beneficial for you.

The provider starts its services right off the bat and allows users to select the cloud server infrastructure and have a stress-free experience when managing their WordPress hosting. Although its infrastructure options come with pre-set pricing packages, its resources can be easily adjusted or relocated after signing up (for free).

Plus, the hosting plans follow pay-as-you-go pricing, meaning you will only need to pay for the features you are actually using. Moreover, cloudways includes hourly billing options that can be used when you are doing short-term site projects or are just testing endeavours.

Depending on your comfort level with the server management, there are various options to fine-tune your hosting experience, including:

  • One-click backup
  • App web root changes
  • WP-CLI control over WordPress
  • Supervisord process manager
  • Varnish cache setting
  • One-click application force stop
  • Cron job rules and scheduling

Users get all these controls over their hosting. Plus, deep optimization features for WordPress, robust security and reliable Cloudways support service.

Cloudways plans start from $12/mo to $96/mo. Even the cheapest plan in cloudways offers generous storage and bandwidth. Moreover, the performance of cloudways hosting is one of the best, and people who are new to the hosting market can easily manage it.

Cloudways hosting offers a big room for customization with which users can reap all kinds of benefits, which makes it one of the best WordPress hosting providers.

2. Bluehost: Best for Beginners

bluehost the best wordpress hosting
Image Source: Creative Blog

Bluehost powers more than 2 million sites across the globe and is one of the leading hosting providers in the world. As a matter of fact, it is one of the few web hosts that is recommended by WordPress.

Although a domain name can cost around $10 – $12, you can get a free domain name for a year just by signing up in Bluehost and can install WordPress with a single click. This is one of the few things that allows Bluehost to rise above its competitors.

Moreover, the hosting costs in Bluehost are one of the lowest. Although Bluehost plans start from $2.95/mo, which is comparatively lower than other providers, users will need to purchase its three-year plan to enjoy its best hosting services.

Bluehost also offers helpful customer service to its users that can be used through direct phone calls or live chat to solve any queries related to its services.

Bluehost bakes the best part right into their service, such as a free CDN to boost performance and security and a free SSL certificate which is always enabled. Users can enjoy the blue host services without diving into the configuration menu. The other notable Bluehost features are:

  • Automatic WordPress updates
  • 50 GB storage space
  • Securely configure your WordPress login credentials
  • Seamless WordPress integration

All these services are included in the Bluehost starting plan, and its services are more than twice when compared with other hosting providers.

Moreover, Bluehost is one of the best services if you are making your first website, as it will set you up with every necessary thing at an affordable price.

If you are looking to create an eCommerce website, then worry not; Bluehost includes specific plans for that area as well. Users can choose between two different eCommerce hosting plans, and both come with WooCommerce and JetPack plugins pre-installed. Moreover, Bluehost is one of the fastest WordPress hosting providers.

3. Hostinger: Best for Cheap WordPress Hosting

Image Source: Creative Blog

From as low as $1.99/month, Hostinger is one of the best and cheapest WordPress hosting providers. Even though its subscription prices hit rock bottom, it has all the necessary features to make it one of the best WordPress hosting providers.

Moreover, Hostinger also has some of the best cloud hosting plans, which can pick up a WordPress site off the ground and make it responsive.

Although Hostinger has various plans, it requires users to pick its four-year plan to get the best price. Though there is a little bit of commitment, the price tag of its four-year plan is one of the lowest when compared with other hosting providers.

Hostinger also has various other features that make it a top pick when it comes to purchasing WordPress hosting; some of those features are:

  • Simple UI
  • Allows to manage WordPress from the admin dashboard
  • Free web-email
  • Free SSL certificate 

Hosting might seem like the perfect get-to-go choice. However, it has some drawbacks; one that shines the most is that it does not take daily backups. Lacking the ability to make daily backups is not a backbreaker, but it might not fit comfortably with some developers.

Moreover, the cheapest plans in Hostinger offer 15 GB of storage and a more than generous bandwidth of 2 TB. And if your site consumes more space than it is allowed to, it will be autoscaled for 24 hours without a cost.

You can snag the best deal in Hostinger by picking up its four-year plan, as it will give you unlimited storage and bandwidth.

Ultimately, if you need low-cost hosting for your WordPress site, then Hostinger is the best option out there. It offers straightforward features that cover all the basics and guarantees to deliver great performance.

4. Pressable: Best for Agencies and Designers

Image Source: Pressable

Web hosting is especially a smart move when you are designing sites for clients or building an entire marketing strategy. With Pressable, you can not only make your services more valuable, but you can also increase the quality of your hosting and can increase the revenue to your line.

Pressable is one of the best hosting providers for agencies, and it includes packages for both WordPress hosting and eCommerce hosting, covering the needs for both running campaigns for sites and laying down the foundation for web stores.

With its cloud hosting infrastructure, Pressable hosting guarantees fast speeds, uptime, and security. Moreover, every hosting plan of Pressable can be migrated for free, and 24/7 attentive customer service is available to guide users through their queries.

While the other notable services of Pressable are:

  • WP-CLI control over WordPress.
  • Free web-email
  • Jetpack security daily
  • Authority to force stop applications
  • Free global CDN

Pressable can ring all the bells and whistles for WordPress website builders and can help them to run site campaigns and create a robust foundation for online stores.

5. Dreamhost: Best for Custom Control Panel

Image Source: Dreamhost

Along with Bluehost, Dreamhost is one of the few hosting providers that WordPress recommends. However, unlike Bluehost, DreamHost offers competitive monthly subscription plans.

Its month-to-month subscription plans make it one of the best choices of hosting providers for those who are not looking to sign a long-term hosting plan. Furthermore, its hosting plans start from $1.99/mo, and this goes without saying that discount offers run from time to time in its long-term plans.

Other than providing domain privacy, DreamHost offers a free domain name in its one-year plan, which may cost as much as $15 in other hosting providers.

Users can rest assured about their site security and updates as DreamHost takes care of all of them and makes automatic daily backups. Moreover, it provides users with the Jetpack plugin pre-installed and saves users’ the expense of buying the plugin.

While other notable services that DreamHost offers are:

  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Developer access
  • 50 GB storage 
  • Free automated WordPress migrations
  • Fast SSD storage

With the quality of service, DreamHost also offers a generous money-back guarantee and a 100% uptime guarantee.

At the end of the day, if you are looking for short-term subscription plans, then DreamHost’s hosting plans are bang for the money as they offer monthly subscription plans with reasonable prices and tons of features.

To Conclude

Although hosting plans may vary depending on the hosting providers, most of the features they offer remain the same. However, not every offered feature might be of your use, and not every feature of your need might be offered.

However, the best WordPress hosting providers in this list contain all the necessary features to pick up a site and get it running in no time. Moreover, we’d like to stress that none of the hosting providers in this list has failed any tests, and some of them are even recommended by WordPress.

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