10 Advanced SEO Techniques & Strategies to Boost Ranking #1 [2022]

Last Updated on September 3, 2022

You might have tried a lot of advanced SEO techniques on the internet. And this is why you’re here, right?

Let’s see some of those on-page SEO factors that most people missed.

What is SEO/Search Engine Optimization

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of making your website compliant with a search engine’s policies. In detail, SEO can be understood as a collective process of ‘optimizing’ your website or different web pages so that it enhances User Experience (UX) or User Interface (UI).

Every now and then, the latest SEO techniques keep popping up with a new update by the search engines.

But what is advanced in all the pre-existing on-page SEO factors?

What are Advanced SEO Techniques?

Advanced SEO Techniques to Improve Ranking
Image Source: ProceedInnovative

We all know what is SEO and how it works. But, what’s that thing which made you search for Advanced SEO techniques?

The process of doing SEO for a website is the same for every website. Even leveraging the latest SEO techniques is also what major SEO experts do.

No matter how many on-page SEO techniques you’re using, but if you don’t make the best use of them as per your situation, you can’t enter the “Advanced SEO techniques” category.

So, in the end, what do we know about advanced SEO?

Advanced SEO is all about optimizing your website as per the required situations based on your current SEO audit report.

For Example: What I might consider as advanced SEO for my site might not be well for your site. Maybe I need to change the “Alt Tags” of the pictures on my web pages and things get sorted out? And in your case, if you try to mess with your pre-existing Alt Tags on your pictures, your ranking decreases.

So, the confusion which has been created on the Internet regarding Advanced SEO techniques shall be removed by now.

But, in this blog, we’ll majorly cover how to do seo for website that you must try out for your website.

Advanced On-Page SEO Techniques to Improve Your Google Rankings

Moving to advanced on-page SEO techniques won’t be possible before you comply with these conditions. 

1. Eligible Conditions Before Starting This Blog

Let’s start with the most basic things you must consider before starting this blog. Make sure you are compliant with all these on-page SEO factors. If yes, then carry on!

2. Define Your Primary and Secondary Keywords

Keywords are important. No matter if you’re Tesla or even Samsung, if you want to stay on Google, then you must be having some of the other keywords.

For example: Tesla Motors.

They’re using keywords such as: Electric Cars, Solar Panels, and Clean Energy Storage.

tesla Cars Ad

They’re targeting keywords such as: Mobile, TV, and Home Appliances.


So just like that, you need to define some of your own primary keywords for your website.

In case you’re having trouble finalizing a keyword for your website. Then go for something generic like majorly what service you’re trying to provide.

For Example: Sky Bags.

skybags Ad

They’re targeting keywords such as stylish backpacks and luggage bags.

Just like that, you need to dig deep into your services and come up with a keyword that helps a user understand your services from the SERP page.

To get relevant keywords, Google Keyword Planner is the finest tool we would recommend. This is by far the best and can be the most reliable keyword research tool because it comes directly from Google.

3. Error Free Content

Google wants to give priority to websites that have correct grammar and phrasing of sentences. This means that if you are not comfortable writing in English, then either rectify your content before uploading it to your website. Or start writing in a different language.

In a recent announcement by Google, they said that they’re giving priority to websites that are focusing on writing in vernacular languages.

Grammarly is a great tool to help you come up with error-free drafts.

4. Linking (Internal and External)

So, linking is an important part of SEO. Be it YouTube SEO or Google SEO, they both suggest people to link out to genuine and authorized sources.

For example: Suppose your business targets medical facilities. You have a website that suggests various tips and tricks to staying healthy. For such a website, it becomes important for you to keep linking out to snippets in your blogs.

For instance, you might link out to a web page on your website that focuses on Vitamin B when you’re talking about something like “How to stay active in your office after lunch.” So, in that blog, when a reference of any Vitamin or other element that your visitor might not know, you must anchor that particular word to that web page.

So, now that you might have done all, after this, you can continue reading this blog.

Note the above three processes would themselves take a lot of time for you to optimize. But once it’s done, you can continue with the advanced on-page SEO techniques below.

5. Advanced On-Page SEO Factors

So, here’s a list of advanced on-page SEO factors.

1. Edit Your Least Clicked Content Pieces

It’s fine that some of your most hard worked content pieces are not getting read by many people. It has happened with almost all writers and bloggers.

Worry not! There is a way. Even if some of your blogs and writeups are not working well, then also you can do something else.

Condition: Make sure that this blog has no backlinks made on it.

Now that this condition is fulfilled, you can start editing your blogs.

So, you can write out headlines that compel a user to click on it. But, make sure that you don’t mislead your visitor. This way, you will stay safe from getting your bounce rate increased. If your website has a high bounce rate, it means that your visitors’ queries are still unresolved. Your website was of least help. 

Other than just editing the headlines, you can edit their thumbnails. Make sure the thumbnails have something that taps into a user’s urgency to click.

2. Update Your Old Content

Google likes to have web pages get updated. It shows that you care about your old content as well. And this is a plus sign in your SEO strategy.

For Example: If you have a blog that you had written in 2017, it’s time to update it (in case it needs it).

Suppose you wrote something like: How to get a driving license in 2017.

So, you can update the blog and rewrite with the information relevant to today’s time. You may change its headline to: How to get a driving license in 2019.

This way, your content would get optimized – updated. And Google might even rank you higher amongst other results.

6. SEO Audit Your Website

SEO Audit
Image Source: kloutnine

Do you know most of the top searches are occupied by companies and brands? It’s because they regularly do an SEO audit test on their website. This means that they are regularly keeping a check on their SEO strategy.

Hence, running regular SEO audit tests on your website is an important part. If you have been overlooking this process for all this time, then the chances are that most of your competitors were also doing the same.

It’s fine. But, now that you know your SEO mistake, then start running SEO audit tests from today onwards.

An SEO audit will help you evaluate your website’s score by running some tests based on your SEO metrics for each and every piece of content, title, heading, spam score, page speed, etc.

7. Make Your Visitors Stay

There are a lot of practices that people are following on their websites to make their visitors stay. Social media apps like Facebook and Instagram have introduced so many new features to give people what they want in one app. You can learn marketing skills from these apps.

If you think that there’s something that can’t be put into words and it needs a video explanation, then you must change the way you present your content.

Here, what you’ll have to do is to include various infographics, videos, and other forms of content in your articles, blogs, etc. You can take references from social media to Wikipedia to Youtube to other channels to support your content. 

Your users need a reason to stay. Give them one. Make them stay. Convince them to come again and again. 

You may include relevant interlinks to your blogs and works so that they stay on your website.

This way, your bounce rate also decreases and your ranking would also increase on Google.

8. Optimize Your Website for Mobile Devices

One of the latest SEO techniques that you must follow is to optimize your website for mobile devices. Why? Mobile brings more than 50% traffic on the internet. 

Hence, it is highly recommended for you to turn your landing pages and websites into more mobile-friendly content.

Don’t make the users zoom into your website.

9. Improve Your Website Loading Speed

Did you know that if a website takes more than 3 seconds to load, 40% of the visitors will abandon the site and 80% of visitors will not return. This means that page loading speed is highly important.

A bad page speed might cause you a lot of business. Therefore, take measures to lower your site’s loading speed.

You may opt in for some of these tips to decrease your website loading speed:

  • Optimize the cache data on your website
  • Simplify your website coding
  • Use social sharing buttons
  • Take hosting from a fast server
  • Reduce image size
  • Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN)

These tips will help you increase the loading speed of your website. Having a fast website speed is one of the best on-page SEO techniques.

10. Re-Edit Your Website Structure

In order to decrease your website’s bounce rate, you can re-edit your website structure.

Suppose someone comes on your homepage and doesn’t know where your blogs are available. Or if they’re unable to find the categories section of your blogs, they might simply close your website. Why? Because alternatives are available. Give them the best at your website. 

Right now, there are so many websites on the internet that for every individual on the internet, there are 7 to 11 websites.

Therefore, if you want to turn any visitor into a recurring visitor, you need to work a lot on your on-page SEO techniques.

So, what you can do is you can categorize similar blogs in one category and then keep on testing new categories every now and then.

This advanced On-Page SEO factor is the most important for eCommerce websites. You can’t afford to confuse your potential customer by showing them baby products in the grocery section. Therefore, make sure your website’s structure is cool enough from an individual’s point of view.


So, that’s it. Here, we come to the end of this blog on Advanced SEO techniques that can help you rank higher.

By now, you might have known that most of the on-page SEO techniques have a lot to do with the user. This means that Google’s crawlers take a lot into consideration from the user’s point of view.

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