Affiliate Marketing Tutorial for Beginners 2022 [With Images]

Last Updated on September 5, 2022

What if I told you that you could earn a good amount whenever somebody shops? Sounds interesting, right? This is what affiliate marketing is about and today we’ll learn how Affiliate Marketing works.

So, let’s start with this Affiliate Marketing tutorial.

What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing
Image Source: Hareer Deals

Affiliate Marketing is the process of selling products and getting additional benefits on every purchase. You may consider this that you’re getting paid on every purchase that is happening through your reference.

Now, let’s learn about the need of affiliate marketing.

Need of Affiliate Marketing

There is numerous reasons why you should be doing Affiliate Marketing.

See, Affiliate Marketing isn’t something that’s going to be your main hustle. Many people are taking Affiliate Marketing as a side hustle and making more than their primary jobs.

PS: The aim of this Affiliate Marketing tutorial is to let you know what all you can expect in this field.

So, let’s see why do we need Affiliate Marketing.

1. It doesn’t Need Much Efforts

If you have a blog or even a social media page with a lot of followers, then you can earn a handsome amount with just one simple post.

You can update your page with the link and you won’t have to push anyone to buy something. If you have given an amazing deal, then it will sell for itself.

So, you can simply post a link and sleep peacefully.

2. Secondary Source of Income

If you think that you’re uncomfortable with your present job or whatever reason it is. In case you’re looking for some secondary source of income, then affiliate marketing could be something you should go.

Did you know that there are some affiliate networks that are offering something as low as $25 to $100 per sale?

Yes! It’s that simple. All you need is the ability to influence people.

3. Sell Whatever You Want

Tired of working for companies that sell illicit products that do no good to the people? Think you’re uncomfortable doing something that goes against your morals?

Now when you’re looking for how to start affiliate marketing, then you can consider your morals as well. Then get paid for every sale from your reference.

But, how is reference identified when it comes to rolling out the pay?

This is where we need to understand how affiliate marketing works before going to how to start affiliate marketing.

So, let’s understand how Affiliate Marketing works.

How Affiliate Marketing Works

Affiliate Marketing is not a simple form of marketing. Of course, it takes less effort as compared to the other forms of marketing. But, Affiliate Marketing is still not ‘that’ easy. This is why you’re here on this Affiliate marketing tutorial.

Like obviously, you can make money even when you’re sleeping with Affiliate Marketing, but this is not how it functions. So, let’s get straight into it.

So, before we begin with the procedure, let’s consider that you’re an affiliate marketer.

  1. You link out to a product on your website
  2. A visitor clicks on the product
  3. He/she gets redirected to the product page
  4. The visitor makes a purchase
  5. You get rewarded for that purchase

In layman’s language, this is how affiliate marketing works.

Affiliate Marketing Platforms

So, this is one of the most requested parts of this blog. Let’s check out how to do affiliate marketing on some of the best Affiliate Marketing platforms.

1. Amazon Affiliate Network

amazon influencers

Amazon is on the lookout for a lot of influencers who can join its affiliate network. It’s even offering up to 12% commission on sales. Do you know why? Because of competitors like Flipkart.

amazon associates

Now that we’ve talked about Flipkart, let’s check out if Flipkart also does the same?

2. Flipkart Affiliate Network

Yes! Flipkart is also in the market when it comes to affiliate marketing. It is offering from 4% to 12% on its different products.

Flipkart affiliate marketing

Now, here comes learning for you all.

In the Need of Affiliate Marketing part, we talked about Selling whatever you want. This is where these big players come into play.

If you want to sell technology products, then you can select products from Flipkart or Amazon’s electronic section.

Along with this, both the platforms give you a dedicated panel where you’ll be given Lightning Deals which are valid for a little time only. Therefore, it will create a buzz amongst your audience about the deal and they’ll be more quicker in taking an action.

Therefore, both Amazon and Flipkart are the best Affiliate Marketing websites if you’re just starting in it.

3. Shopify Affiliate Network

Now, this is a very specific Affiliate Marketing platform that offers a very handsome amount to you, but it’s not something that anyone can do.

shopify affiliate marketing

Shopify is a web product that helps in making online stores. So, Shopify’s audience would be very specific. It might happen that you only make two or three sales per week or month. But if you’re making $100 or $200 per month, that’s still a good amount to start with, right?

If you have an amazing traffic on your website, then Shopify could be one of the best Affiliate Marketing websites.

4. Clickbank

Clickbank is one of the best affiliate marketing websites on the internet that have a huge database of products. Basically, Clickbank is just like the Amazon and Flipkart in Affiliate Marketing. It has one of the largest databases of products that you can sell.

click bank affiliate marketing

The only problem with Clickbank is that you don’t get online payments in rollouts. So, how does Clickbank pay you?

It pays with Cheques, Payoneer, Direct Deposit, or Wire Transfer. There’s no mode of Digital Payment with Clickbank. Otherwise, the pay Clickbank offers is great amongst its competitors.

5. Leadpages Affiliate Program

If you have a website or a social page where that kind of audience exists that’s into taking their business or services online, then Leadpages is for you. Leadpages helps in making landing pages for your website.

leadpage affiliate

When you’re using Google AdWords, it becomes important that you have an optimized Landing page that provides you will conversions.

So, Leadpages helps in making that kind of pages with optimizations like: pop-ups, alert bars, opt-in texts, etc.

This was about Leadpages: one of the best affiliate marketing websites that’s giving you 30% commission on whatever the person spends.

By now, in this Affiliate marketing tutorial, you might have thought that Affiliate marketing is easy, right? But, it’s not. Let’s prepare for the challenges of Affiliate marketing.

Challenges of Affiliate Marketing

Being an Affiliate marketer is harder than it looks. Yes! Affiliate Marketing is not easy. So much so that it’s not meant for everyone.

1. It Requires a Lot of Influence

In the second point of Need of Affiliate Marketing, we said, “All you need is the ability to influence people.” So, if you think that you can’t influence people to buy your products, then that’s not something you should be doing.

instagram screenshot

Earlier in June 2019, an influencer with 2 million+ followers accepted that she failed to sell even 36 T-shirts! Do you see the problem? If you think that you can influence whatever audience you have into buying something, then go with Affiliate Marketing. But, if you doubt your marketing skills, then it’s a big No-No!

So, this is one of the biggest challenges of Affiliate Marketing. If you have a good influence over your audience, then you may learn how to do affiliate marketing.

2. Smart Movers Won’t Buy From Your Link

There are people who know what Affiliate marketing is. They know why you always say, “Link in my bio.” Most of the people know that you’re earning from anything that you’re endorsing. Therefore, even though you’re giving them an amazing deal, they’ll still not purchase from your link.

Bad, isn’t it?

So, that’s a challenge.

But, how to tackle it?

We have a solution for it!

You might have heard of Those minute links are your solution! offers you the services to shorten your links. So, if you don’t want people to know which page you’re leading them to, you can use it. This would also help you track how many clicks you’re getting from which source.

3. Problems in Sales

If you’re starting out an affiliate marketing blog, then it could be a little difficult for you to get sales in the first couple of sales. This means that no matter what you start, there’s always some or the other competitor in that niche.

Right now, when you’re learning how to do affiliate marketing, there’s someone who’s already adding another product to their website.

So, whatever you do, don’t take much time in executing it.

If you want to sell Smurfs, sell it! Don’t care about what others would think. There’s a 5 year old YouTuber who’s already made Millions just by unboxing and reviewing toys on his YouTube channel.


So that was it in this Affiliate Marketing tutorial. We hope you have got some idea on how to start affiliate marketing journey for yourself!

So, Affiliate Marketing isn’t hard but it isn’t even easy as well. All you need to learn is how to influence people with your writing skills on your blog or social media influence.

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