CyberGhost VPN Chrome Extension Review 2022 – Is It Safe To Use?

Last Updated on September 3, 2022

CyberGhost is one of the leading figures in the VPN market for various reasons, and one of those reasons would be its extensions. Moreover, the CyberGhost VPN Chrome extension is one of the best extensions that protect the user’s data with strong encryption and allows them to browse the internet safely.

However, there is not a single VPN in the market that does not have any downsides, and CyberGhost is not an exception. Although CyberGhost has a free and premium version, both have their fair share of cons, and it is necessary to understand its features and functions before installing the VPN for Chrome.

CyberGhost VPN
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  • Reliable for unblocking restricted content
  • Worldwide server location
  • Weak WebRTC leak protection
  • Robust features and protocols
  • Dedicated VPN extension for Chrome

  • Slow browsing speed

1. Logging and Jurisdiction

CyberGhost follows a zero-logging policy and allows its users to use the free version of the VPN without submitting any of their details. Moreover, CyberGhost is located outside of the 14 eyes alliance and, from time to time, has proved its devotion to users’ privacies.

1. IP Address: No matter what the device user uses, CyberGhost does not make any notes of their IP addresses. Moreover, its security features, protocols, and encryptions do not allow any third-party website or other agencies to take a peek at its users’ IP addresses.

2. Geographical Location: CyberGhost checks the users’ geographical locations to provide them with the fastest servers through quick connection. However, it does not share that information with other agencies or websites. Moreover, its servers have strong encryption, which makes it more difficult for geo-blocked websites or streaming platforms to figure out the actual location of the users.

3. Device Information: Although CyberGhost VPN fully supports simultaneous device connections, it does not take any information about the connected devices.

4. Timestamps: CyberGhost is a well-known VPN for privacy, and it makes no timestamps for how long its users use the VPN.

2. Speed and Reliability

Although CyberGhost is a multipurpose VPN, its connection speed is mediocre, and it has gained an average rating of 6.7/10 in the Ookla test. Moreover, a speed loss of 31% can be seen in the faraway server.

Although CyberGhost is not one of the fastest VPNs, its connection speed on close-rage servers is stable enough to unblock restricted content quickly. However, its connection speed won’t allow the users to stream videos at a very high quality.

The speed of CyberGhost is reliable enough to protect the user’s privacy on public broadband. Moreover, it provides constant and stable speed to all connected devices.

3. Security and Privacy

CyberGhost VPN
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The security and privacy features of the CyberGhost Chrome extension are one of the best. Not only its features and protocols are top-notch, but it also allows the users to customize them to match their preferences.

1. Encryption: Both CyberGhost VPN and its extension include over 6000 servers which are protected with a strong encryption of AES-256.

2. Protocols: CyberGhost is one of the best privacy-focused VPNs, and it lives up to that title with its advanced protocols such as OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP/IPsec, etc. Moreover, its protocols are open for easy customization and give a better browsing time to the users.

3. Features: CyberGhost is a well-known VPN for its security and privacy features, such as kill switch, smart rules, kill switch, DNS and IP leak protection, and ad blocker.

4. Kill Switch: The kill switch of CyberGhost is advanced and fully responsive and is open for easy configuration. Moreover, its kill switch is one of the best for Chrome and is available for every device.

5. Smart Rules: CyberGhost has a huge variety of servers, and its smart rules allow users to use multiple encryptions on a single server at a time. Moreover, it allows the users to choose between which apps should go through the VPN and which should not.

6. DNS and IP Leak Protection: Although the servers and protocols of CyberGhost are more than enough to prevent any online leaks, the VPN provider chooses to include separate features to prevent DNS and IP leaks. Moreover, these features are customizable and allow the users to choose between UDP and TCP protocols to increase their performance.

7. Ad Blocker: it is one of those few underrated VPN features that many cherish. The ad blocker of Cyberghost blocks all ads and removes CAPTCHAs while the user browses the internet.

4. Servers

CyberGhost provides its users with over 6000 servers which are spread out in a worldwide location, and all of them are protected with robust military-grade encryption. Moreover, the list of CyberGhost is the second largest in the VPN market.

CyberGhost servers are the same in the VPN and in the chrome extension, and it also provides the same number of servers to every device.

5. Bandwidth Limitation and Simultaneous Device Connection

Both the free and premium version of CyberGhost provides users with unlimited bandwidth to browse the internet as much as they want.

Moreover, up to 7 devices can be connected simultaneously with the VPN. Although the connection speed of close-range servers is mediocre, it remains unaffected even when the connected devices have reached the maximum number.

6. Unblocking Geo-Restricted Sites and Streaming Libraries

Although CyberGhost has strong encryption and protocols, it is only good enough for unblocking geo-restricted sites. Very few streaming libraries can be unblocked with CyberGhost on Chrome. Moreover, its mediocre connection speed won’t allow the users to stream them at a high quality.

However, the CyberGhost chrome extension is one of the few extensions that can unblock the Japan and UK Netflix libraries of Netflix.

7. Bypassing Censorship

Many types of censorship are imposed on Google Chrome, and CyberGhost is an easy and free solution to bypass them. Moreover, its security features and protocols do an impressive job at hiding and protecting the user’s online information.

Its advanced security features, such as kill switch and ad blocker, come in handy in this area and allow users to browse the restricted content safely without facing any malware or other cyber-attacks.

8. Torrenting

Although CyberGhost supports both torrenting and P2P traffic, its connection speed remains average and takes time while downloading or uploading big torrent files.

However, every server of CyberGhost supports torrenting and keeps the user’s online information hidden, and prevents malware from entering the users’ devices.

Moreover, its protocols and encryption apply on P2P servers and prevent files from getting corrupted while downloading and uploading or torrenting websites.

9. Gaming

Although CyberGhost is not the fastest VPN and has mediocre speed, its extension is good enough to play games on Chrome smoothly. As most of the online games on Chrome tend to be slow-paced and do not consume much data, the mediocre speed of CyberGhost is sufficient enough to play them without any lag.

However, only the close-range servers can be used to play games on Chrome, as they give an average but stable ping of 50-70ms. On the other hand, the ping of faraway servers is much higher and can fluctuate a lot.

10. Device Compatibility

CyberGhost Chrome extension is available for every device and provides each of them with advanced features and functions. However, both the VPN and its extension features serve different purposes depending on the device.

  1. Windows: CyberGhost provides its windows users with the most advanced chrome extension, and its configuration is also the easiest.
  2. Mac: The features, protocols, encryption, and interface for Mac are surprisingly much similar to Windows. However, the difference between them would be their protocol configuration; CyberGhost does not offer the Mac users to choose between UDP and TCP protocols.
  3. Android: Sadly, the Android version of CyberGhost is the most difficult to use. Although the features and protocols for android are advanced and responsive, the room for their customization is cramped and does not include a search box for easy finds.
  4. iOS: CyberGhost provides its iOS users with all the necessary privacy and security features. However, On iOS devices, the CyberGhost free trial period is seven days, while on Android it’s three days and the room for their customization is even smaller than the android version, and just like on Mac, the UDP and TCP protocols are not available for Mac.
  5. Smart TV and Fire TV Sticks: CyberGhost works impressively on Smart TVs and Fire TV sticks and offers a Smart DNS tool to them. Its smart DNS tool allows users to access restricted content on their big screens. However, it can only unblock a few streaming libraries, and the highest resolution it can hit is 720p.

Is the CyberGhost VPN Chrome Extension Reliable?

Yes, the CyberGhost chrome extension is 100% safe and reliable and uses some of the strongest features and protocols to protect its user’s data.

Moreover, its extension is one of the safest to use on public broadband. Although the best version of CyberGhost is not available for free users, it includes a one-day free trial of the CyberGhost premium version. However, a single day is not nearly enough to play with all the features and protocols.

CyberGhost providers are well aware of this fact and include a 14-day money-back guarantee and for some extra discount, there are many CyberGhost coupons available for the premium version.

CyberGhost Free Version vs Premium Version – Quick Comparison

Version Free Paid
Chrome Extension Yes Yes
Servers 20+ 6000+
Speed Loss 23% 0%
Encryption AES-256 AES-256
Multiple Protocols Support No Yes
Downloading and Streaming Filters Yes  Yes
Data Anonymity Mediocre Good
DNS and IP Leaks Protection Yes  Yes
Unlimited Bandwidth Yes  Yes
24/7 Live Chat Customer support Yes  Yes 

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