CyberGhost VPN 2022 – Pros & Cons, Coupon Code & More

Last Updated on September 7, 2022

CyberGhost VPN is a big name I’m sure you must’ve come across. Using a such kind of strong VPN is an easy way to protect yourself online. The VPNs hide all the data that gets stored when you surf the internet and keep you shielded from people trying to get their hands on your data. 

A VPN is an amazingly powerful tool that, when judiciously used could prove fruitful for securing your online privacy. Due to the blossoming of affordable internet and digital services, there are millions of devices operating which only increases the risk of fraudulent activities. In such a situation the usage of a reliable VPN becomes crucial.

cyver ghost

To save your time, here we have reviewed Cyberghost VPN Chrome Pros and Cons which will help you decide if the VPN is worth investing in or not, on the following grounds.

  1. Speed and usability
  2. Safety 
  3. Ease of access
  4. Cost

1) Cyberghost VPN Chrome has quickly earned a top position in the list of android VPN software in the market. It is a promising VPN and offers a variety of features, both for experts and new users. It offers support to 7 devices. The extension delivers great security and privacy level. CyberGhost’s unparalleled VPN service offers some really great features and is one of the best VPNs we have seen. 

  • Cyberghost free trial: There is just a one-day free trial given by Cyberghost. This one-day trial feature does not require you to provide a credit card and lets you experience Cyberghost premium services for free for 24 hours. On the other hand, the monthly pack is expensive but there is also a 45-day money-back guarantee. The larger packs, however, are more cost-effective. 
  • Cyberghost premium: The one downside to Cyberghost is that the extension does not protect you from webRTC leaks. For full protection, one has to pay for the Cyberghost premium plans available. Also, the free service allows you to connect to servers in the U.S., the Netherlands, Germany, and Romania.

2) Cyberghost premium features can be experienced for free for a day. The VPN providers also give CyberGhost Coupons with major discounts. You can get the best available CyberGhost Discount and CyberGhost Coupon Code Deals on their website. 

They offer up to 96% Off on CyberGhost VPN Premium and CyberGhost VPN Premium Plus. Their latest offers and the verified promo code and offers can be availed from the website too. Some of the best CyberGhost Deal and CyberGhost Discounts for 2019 are…

  1. 96% Discount CyberGhost 7.0 Suite. 
  2. 80% Discount CyberGhost 7.0 Suite (1 year)
  3. 80% Discount CyberGhost 7.0 Suite (2 years)

Cyberghost VPN full service offers you additional features that are restricted in the ‘one-day’ free trial version. 

3) Is Cyberghost safe: Cyberghost is a safe and secure option to guard your data online. The following features make it safe:

  1. Hiding IP: yes
  2. Max Devices;7
  3. Kill Switch: Yes
  4. Toral servers: More than 3600
  5. Total countries: 60 

4) How to use CyberGhost: Cyberghost has a user-friendly interface, it provides you an option to choose your location. It contains the following that make it user-friendly and easily usable

  1. Launching option
  2. Option to choose country
  3. Blocking malicious sites
  4. Blocking ads
  5. Blocking online tracking
  6. Automatic HTTPS connect
  7. Data compression – It also has some fixed options like: 
  8. No data logging
  9. Military Grade encryption
  10. Hidden IP
  11. Killswitch
  12. Leak protection

All these leave very little scope for a user’s confusion and thus this VPN is very easy to use and largely automated. 

5) Speed and usability: Cyberghost VPN Chrome:

  1. Has really fast speed
  2. Unlocks streaming sites like Netflix and BBC iPlayer 
  3. Is optimized for torrent / P2P traffic
  4. No IP/DNS/WebRTC leaks
  5. User-friendly for PC, Mac, iOS & Android

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