Envato Elements Pricing, Features, and Reviews 2022

Last Updated on November 16, 2022

Envato Elements is a service provided by Envato with the goal of providing creators, designers, and other developers and editors with high quality and a wide library of digital assets. It is one of the biggest marketplaces for digital assets, and Envato Elements pricing is also reasonable. Envato Elements offers various digital assets such as themes and plugins for WordPress, HTML templates, fonts, graphics, illustrations, graphics, video effects, and other content.

Although Envato Elements is one of the biggest digital assets marketplaces in the world, no asset on Evanto Element is available for free, which may make it a bit difficult to decide whether you should go with it or not. Moreover, there are various competitors that offer similar assets with a huge price difference.

To ensure you are browsing the right marketplace, we will give you a detailed Envato Elements review, covering all of its services, offers, pricing, and advantages and disadvantages.

What is Envato Elements?

envato elements
Image Source: Envato Elements

Envato Elements is a premium and one of the biggest marketplaces that offer access to over 11 million digital assets. Although the Envato Elements pricing is reasonable, the pricing can be lowered further by making an Envato Elements subscription, and the subscription can be billed either monthly or annually.

Envato Elements is one of the biggest marketplaces, but it does not allow users for unlimited downloads. This may be considered a con, but this can be solved by purchasing an Envato Elements membership. The subscribed members of Envato Elements get unlimited downloads and much more freedom and flexibility to test endeavors with different graphics, files, and other assets before selecting them.

The assets available on Envato Elements are created by a vast community of independent creators. Envato Elements follows a revenue-generating model, meaning half of the generated revenue is the creators that supplied their assets to the marketplace.

Some of the world’s best WordPress plugins, templates, and themes are found in this marketplace. Additionally, a wide library of stock images is also offered to users. The images can be directly imported to the WordPress website admin area and can be added to existing or newly created posts and pages.

Envato Elements Pricing

Envato Elements is a subscription-based service and offers a monthly plan, an annual plan, and a team plan. All the subscription plan allows for unlimited downloads, and their pricing starts from:

  • Monthly Plan: $33 per month
  • Annual Plan: $16.5 per month; the total cost is $198
  • Team Plan: Connect 5 members for $10.75 per month

Even with a subscription, the Envato Elements pricing is reasonable as all the products follow a feature-to-price ratio. Moreover, Envato Elements cost is also comparatively lower than other marketplaces.

Envato Market vs Envato Elements: What is the Difference?

Envato Market is the biggest marketplace for buying and selling digital assets. Moreover, Envato Market is the parent company of various services such as ThemeForest, Envato Elements, CodeCanyon, and more. Envato Market offers premium quality content, but there is a catch, all items need to be purchased individually.

Products available on Envato Market can be directly purchased, while on the other hand, Envato Elements requires users to make a subscription first. Various Envato Market products are available on Envato Elements, and by making a subscription to Envato Elements, the cost can be lowered.

Who is Envato Elements for?

Envato Elements includes various libraries of digital assets. The main group that can enjoy its services are:

  • Audio Producers who are looking for licensed music and sound effects for their compositions.
  • Illustrators and Graphic designers looking for fonts, brushes, and other assets of their choice.
  • Business owners who are looking for website templates, business cards, and stationery.
  • Bloggers who need stock images to go along with their website pages and posts.
  • Podcasters who are looking for audio packs for their episodes.
  • Vloggers who require video templates and stock video files for their projects.
  • T-shirt designers and creators who are looking for templates and graphics for designing.
  • Website owners, freelancers, and agencies needing WordPress plugins.
  • Web developers who are looking for HTML templates, themes, and other assets to assist them.

To assist users in their work, Envato Elements offers various assets. The services of Envato Elements are invaluable resources for people wanting to rank quickly on search engines and make a name for themselves and their businesses. The assets of Envato Elements are beginner-friendly and are open for customization, allowing users to use them to their full potential.

How does the Envato Elements License Work?

Envato Elements offers a single commercial license that covers all downloadable assets. The license gives users the right to use all the assets, including those with a commercial nature.

All items available in the Envato Elements use the same license terms and allow users to use the assets on their or on clients’ projects. The commercial license requires users to register whenever an item is downloaded. As for reuse, the user will need to register the item again for different use.

Although the license gives users all the rights to use assets, there are also a few restrictions that do not allow users to:

  • Redistribute or resell items.
  • Use items in on-demand service.

Although with an Envato Elements subscription, all assets can be used for commercial purposes, after canceling the subscription, new items cannot be downloaded. However, items that were registered and downloaded before canceling the subscription can still be used for the registered purpose.

Envato Elements Ease of Use

Envato Elements keeps the overall users’ experience simple and allows users to browse the libraries for free without requiring them to make a subscription. As for the sign-up, the process takes no more than a couple of minutes to complete, and after that, users can start downloading items.

The items available in this market have their own page, where the item’s features and summary are given, allowing users to decide whether the item is up to their needs or not.

However, before downloading the item, users will need to make an Envato Elements subscription. Assets downloaded with Envato Elements are downloaded in zip file format; the files can be directly imported into websites or can be used on compatible softwares by extracting.

Other assets, such as images or graphics, can be downloaded in either JPEG or PNG format. JPEG or PNG can be used immediately without requiring to open particular software first.

To increase users’ convenience further, Envato Elements allows users to access the assets through the dashboard directly. It makes it easier for users to access the assets and does not require users to register them or add a license again.

How to Find the Right Items in Envato Elements?

Envato Elements is one of the biggest marketplaces, and it can be a bit difficult to find the perfect elements for your needs. Fortunately, Envato Elements offers various filter options, making it easier for users to find the perfect item for their needs.

The market allows users to apply filters and use categories to help them with their search. Furthermore, the top of every page includes a search bar, allowing users to search for products by name.

Users can also go with the “Browse” option, which will take them to all product pages. On this page, users can sort out categories, and below each category, they can preview how many items fill in the categories and can make changes accordingly.

Moreover, Hovering over the browser button will display all the categories and sub-categories. The menu will show all the products available in the market. By selecting one of the categories, users will be taken to the products of that category page and can apply filters to find the perfect product for their needs.

Envato Elements ensures users are using the best products by allowing them to filter categories and sub-categories.

To sum it up, Envato Elements is one of the easiest-to-use marketplaces, and thanks to its various filter options, users can easily find the best products for their needs.

Customer Support

Although Envato Element does not offer live chat or phone call support, its email support is more than decent and can solve queries quickly. Moreover, Envato Elements includes various FAQs and forms with over 970+ posts. Additionally, various helpful, creatively designed, and interesting blogs are there to help users throughout their queries.

Envato Elements Pros and Cons

Although Envato Elements is one of the best marketplaces for digital assets, blindly jumping into it without knowing its pros and cons is not a wise choice.


Unlimited downloads with a single subscription.

A single commercial license for all items.

New assets are constantly added.

A vast library of templates, video effects, graphics, themes, and more.

Affordable Envato Element pricing.

Each Envato Element subscription includes access to EnvatoTuts+

Easy search and filter.


Mixed Assets: Although Envato Elements offers various assets and various methods to filter categories, sometimes the assets are mixed with others. For instance, if a user is browsing for DaVinci Resolve templates, they may also see some assets of Adobe Photoshop.

Poor Item Support: Unfortunately, there is no technician support in Envato Elements. Envato Elements does not offer live chat or phone call support. Although email support is offered, it can take up to 3-5 hours to solve queries. 3-5 hours is not that big of a time period, but users requiring immediate response won’t like it.

No Updates Notifications: Envato Element contains over 11 million products, and new products are also constantly added. However, if a user has purchased a product and the product has been updated, the user won’t have any way of knowing it other than visiting the product page. 


1. Is Envato Elements safe?

Yes, Envato Elements is a safe and secure marketplace. Unlike other digital platforms, Envato Elements takes additional measures to verify the authors selling assets on their platform. Moreover, Envato Elements does not take any note of user personal information and also does not allow any third-party site to do so.

2. What is EnvatoTuts+

EnvatoTuts+ is a library of over 1300+ courses and E-books that helps users to learn coding, designing, game development, and more. Moreover, similar to Envato Elements, new assets constantly add to EnvatoTuts+. The EnvatoTuts+ is available for free for the subscribed members of Envato Elements.

3. What happens if I cancel my Envato Elements subscription?

Canceling an Envato Elements subscription will have no effect on the downloaded assets. However, there is a catch; users will need to re-register the item to use on another project, and registering requires a subscription. You will not need to subscribe again as long as you use the downloaded assets for the registered project.

4. Is Envato Elements royalty-free?

Yes, Envato Elements is royalty-free; the marketplace contains thousands of royalty-free images, videos, and other assets that can be directly used on projects.

5. Can I sell my projects on Envato Elements?

Yes, you can sell your projects on Envato Elements. To start selling on Envato Elements, you will first need to make its subscription, and then you can add your product with its description and price.

To Conclude

The subscription to Envato Elements starts at $33 per month and gives users access to over 11 million digital assets. The assets can be used by graphic designers, bloggers, web developers, video editors, and other developers and creators. 

Envato Elements allows users to quickly download assets and directly import them on the website or extract them on compatible software. Envato Elements includes some of the best plugins and templates for WordPress.

Envato Elements pricing is one of the most reasonable in the market, and users can cancel their subscription at any time they want and can still use the downloaded assets for the registered project without any issues.

All in all, Envato Elements is a one-stop solution that provides all the digital assets users can ask for. Although the customer support of Envato Elements is not the best in the class, the providers offer reliable email support and various FAQs, articles, videos, and other helpful resources to assist users. Moreover, by making an Envato Elements subscription, users can also sell their projects on this marketplace without needing to fill out thousands of forms.

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