Envato Market Review 2022: Leading Marketplace for Creatives

Last Updated on November 10, 2022

The Envato Market is a marketplace that allows anyone to buy and sell licenses to use digital products such as website themes, graphics, software codes, music, vector art, stock images, and more.

Various deals run on this marketplace, and by using Envato Market coupons, you can get a heavy discount on the best products in the market that can help you to achieve your goals.

Evanto Market is the biggest marketplace for digital assets and is also the parent company of Themeforest, which is the biggest website theme market on the internet.

Furthermore, Envato has various services such as Envato Market, Envato Elements, Envato Studios, Place It, and more. All of the services are top of their class and help users to grow online.

Envato Market Services

To help users grow online, Envato Market offers them various applications. Although some of the best applications are costly, you can get your hands on them by using Envato Market sale, where prices are shot down by more than half. Furthermore, In This Envato Market Review, we will tell you everything about the Envato market services and what they offer.

1. Themeforest – The Biggest Platform for Website Themes and Templates

Envato Market ThemeForest
Image Source: ThemeForest

Although ThemeForest uses another domain name, it is a service that belongs to the Envato market.

As its name suggests, ThemeForest is a market for themes, and as a matter of fact, it is one of the biggest theme marketplaces in the world. 

ThemeForest contains thousands of premium themes, meaning no matter what type of website you have, a suitable theme for it can be found in ThemeForest.

The themes available on this market are all lightweight and fully functional. Money-back guarantees and responsive customer support are also included in most of the themes. Moreover, some premium plugins and add-ons are included for free in some themes. And this goes without saying that almost all themes on this market are SEO-friendly.

Alongside themes, various impressively designed templates are included in ThemeForest. 

The themes and templates come with various customization options, allowing users to create the desired website.

2. CodeCanyon – Marketplace for Plugins and Codes

Image Source: Quora

WordPress is the biggest content management platform in the world. In order to make an eye-catching WordPress website, various codes, scripts and plugins are required, and CodeCanyon is the marketplace for these sources.

CodeCanyon contains various WP plugins, HTML codes, and Javascript codes at a reasonable price and proves to be the perfect companion for building websites.

In addition to plugins, the codes available on this platform are highly attractive and can be used to create add-ons, countdowns, shopping carts, social networks and forms, SVGs, as well as to-do list templates, etc.

In order to make a smart and highly converting website, you can take the help of HTML and Javascript codes, as they will assist you in adding advanced sections to add on your website’s page and posts.

3. VideoHive – Marketplace for Video Effects and Motion Graphics

Image Source: HostMySite

VideoHive is a platform for video effects, and thanks to its broad targeted audience, it is one of the most used services of Envato. 

VideoHive offers royalty-free videos and stock footage for Youtube and other platforms as they are penalty and copyright free. All the effects and packages on VideoHive are licensed and can be used to create stunning videos and publish them on any platform.

VideoHive contains more than 2.9 million attractive and high-converting stock footage and video effects. Various packages and video effects are available for top-of-the-class video editors, such as After effects, Premier pro, DaVinci, Apple Motion, Motion Graphics, etc.

VideoHive is a complete platform for creators and for those who want to expand their work with video marketing.

4. AudioJungle – Royalty-Free Music

Image Source: EagleCinematics

AudioJungle is the marketplace for sound effects, tracks, and music kits. All audio packs available on this platform are licensed and are ready to be published on any platform without concerning any issues regarding copyrights and penalties.

Sounds such as motivation, horror, thunder, wind, rain, cartoon, click, SMS, band, games, and many more are available on AudioJungle.

Besides soundtracks, AudioJungle also offers music kits, allowing creators to create professional and unique projects with ease.

AudioJungle has more than 1.7 million licensed music packs, making AudioJungle a platform you can’t miss.

5. GraphicRiver – Marketplace for Graphic Assets

Image Source: Oh Snap Boutique

As its name suggests, GraphicRiver is a marketplace for creatives and tools and has over 900K logos, fonts, graphics, and other assets.

All the assets on GraphicRiver are licensed and are available for a much lower price compared to other agencies.

GraphicRiver has a variety of icons, templates, fonts, logos, infographics, add-ons, and various other graphic assets. Moreover, all the assets on GraphicRiver are high quality, and you can get them at a much lower price with Envato market coupon codes.

Other than fonts, icons, and logos, GraphicRiver also offers packs for texture or patterns as well as designed T-shirts.

The assets available on GraphicRiver can be directly imported into sites and can also be published on social media or to make posts more attractive.

6. PhotoDune – Buying and Selling Stock Images Platform

Image Source: StockPhotoSecrets

Although the services of PhotoDune are similar to VideoHive, the only difference between them is their quantity.

Both platforms offer royalty-free stock of images and photos, but the quantity of them is much higher in PhotoDune.

All the assets available on PhotoDune are licensed and are used by YouTubers as well as Bloggers. Furthermore, PhotoDune follows the policies of Google Adsense, allowing users to get easy approval and start generating revenue.

Various images and other assets are available on this platform, and it contains a variety of images for almost all categories, such as health, education, fitness, technology, entertainment, science, nature, beauty, and various others.

Along sides images and photos, PhotoDune also offers patterns and backgrounds, allowing users to find most of their images and backgrounds needs on a single platform.

You can easily make use of all its assets in your work or in projects without having any issues regarding copyrights.

7. 3dOcean – 3D Market

Image Source: Cgi.Tutsplus

3dOcean is one of the biggest services of Envato Marketplace and is also a major service that caused Envato Market review reviews to skyrocket.

As its name suggests, 3dOcean is a marketplace for 3d images and other assets. Moreover, the assets available on 3dOcean are some of the best in the market.

Over 75K 3d models, images, renders, materials, shaders, and more are available in 3dOcean. Furthermore, the asset prices on 3dOcean are some of the lowest in the market, and everything available in 3dOcean is licensed.

Additionally, 3dOcean also offers various scripts and elements at reasonable and affordable prices, allowing you to use them directly in films, games, interior design, and other projects.

Who is Envato Marketplace for

Envato Market is a collection of niche marketplaces in which authors can market their work directly to consumers. Authors upload their works, and customers purchase and then license the item; this marketplace follows a simple process as that.

It is a recommended marketplace for Youtubers, bloggers, freelancers, graphic designers, programmers, artists, etc., as it offers various digital assets such as graphics, music, plugins, themes, templates, 3d models, codes, patterns, etc.

Digital assets are used in various services, and the Envato market fulfils that need with its offerings and covers the necessities for all categories.

However, take note that Envato Market is a premium marketplace, meaning everything available on its branched sites is available at a price. Although not a single thing is available for free in this marketplace, not all of its product prices are sky-high.

There are various ways to further lower Envato Market pricing, such as purchasing an Envato Market subscription or using Envato Market discount codes.

To Conclude

Envato Market is a parent company of various powerful and useful marketplaces. Furthermore, Envato is the biggest marketplace on the internet and includes all premium and licensed products.

Although all the products are premium, various Envato Market coupon codes are offered from time to time and can be used on different Envato Market services. Envato Market is the parent company of various other companies, and the quantity of products allows users to be choosy and select the product suited best to their niche and helps them rise up on the internet.

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