ExpressVPN for Mac and iOS Review: Everything You Need to Know

Only a handful of VPNs have gained the title of being one of the best VPNs in the market, and Express has been holding its name on the list, that is why we think it’s important to make an Express VPN review. Express is an easy-to-use VPN that has a user-friendly interface and features and can be used on any device. ExpressVPN for mac also provides features that are on par with Windows and Android. 

Everything about ExpressVPN for Mac

ExpressVPN is an easy-to-use and user-friendly VPN, and a single click on its landing page will quickly connect your apple device with the most suitable server for you, and that will be accompanied by a drop-down server location selector.

ExpressVPN for Mac
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Other than the half-eaten logo, Apple devices are also famous for their security features that ensure the safety of the user’s privacy. However, the in-built safety features are not 100 % secure. They give the user control over which apps or websites can track them and which can’t.

But the in-built features can’t guarantee the safety of your privacy or your device against a shady website or app. They can’t even unblock geo-restricted sites or unlock libraries of famous streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc., which might be blocked or banned in your region or country. 

There are some apps, websites, and streaming libraries that get banned only in certain countries or regions, not necessarily for a particular brand. Meaning that there are many apps and sites that apple users can’t reach.

However, Apple devices come with an in-built VPN and can add an extra layer of security, though that wall of security is neither thick nor big, and it can be bypassed with a strong malware attack or might not be able to secure the user’s private information.

ExpressVPN is an excellent choice to turn that thin wall of security into an unbreachable barrier which will ensure the safety of the user’s privacy and as well as keep the device safe from any form of Malware attacks.

Express VPN mac has made quite a lot of name for itself in the market for several reasons.


Easy to Use Interface

The market is filled with VPNs that claim to be that they are most easy to use and also user-friendly. However, most of them take a good amount of time to install the applications and at starting the features, especially for Apple devices. Expressvpn apple is in a whole other league compared to those self-proclaimed “easy-to-use” VPNs.

ExpressVPN Interface


Express has a simple interface and can be easily connected with over 3000 servers with a single click. The user can also choose which server suits them the best and can be added to the quick connect option.

Though many VPNs offer a variety of servers with a quick connect option, and what makes Express stand out from the rest of them is its user-friendliness. Express has gained quite a lot of name for itself with its user-friendly interface, apps, and features that are different for almost every device but mostly for Apple.

There is no doubt that Apple devices have some of the most impressive in-built features for security and privacy purposes. Those features became even better when used with Express. Moreover, this VPN is also mentioned in best VPNs for iPhones

Numerous Advanced Features

Other than being an easy-to-use VPN, Express provides the user with a variety of features that can enhance the online activity, and at the same time, it will keep your personal information secure and will also keep your device safe from any malware attacks.

Features like split tunneling, kill switch, unlimited bandwidth, 24/7 customer support, and many more.

1. Split tunneling – It is an advanced and easy-to-use feature that gives users complete control over which apps should be allowed to use the VPN’s connection and features and which shouldn’t. It is a good way to protect sensitive data without sacrificing the internet connection. 

2. Kill switch – Another advanced and one of the best features to ensure your device’s safety from any malware attacks. It continuously monitors the connection to the server, and if the connection starts to act up or down, then the feature will automatically disconnect the server and will also close the site or app.

It is a great feature that will keep the device safe from almost any viruses that can come from websites or apps.

3. Unlimited bandwidth – One of the biggest problems with some VPNs would be that they provide the user with a limited amount of data that can be used. However, Express does not hold back in this area and gives the user unlimited bandwidth to play with.

There is no limitation on how much data a user can use and this also applies to Apple devices. That’s one of the many reasons why people use ExpressVPN for mac.

4. 24/7 Customer support – Some of the most famous VPNs fall short when it comes to good customer support, as they give the user a bot to discuss their problem, which most of the time doesn’t help at all. Though, Express provides the user with 24/7 customer support which is easy to use and can also quickly solve the user’s query.

5. High-grade encryption – Each server in this VPN is encrypted with high-grade encryption, which is also known as military encryption. OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP-IPsec, SSTP, and LightWay makes sure that the user won’t need to worry about their online privacy.

A variety of safe and secure high-grade encrypted servers, which are also available for Apple devices, makes it an ideal choice for ensuring your privacy.

6. No activity logs – Express VPN on mac does not keep a record of what website the user visited or whatever the VPN is used for. It also doesn’t hold any record of the user’s personal information. In addition, the servers are encrypted with DNS leak protection and high-grade encryptions, which act as an extra layer of security.

7. All major platforms supported – There are many apps and software that does not support old devices or might not run properly on them. This is a common thing for Apple users, as Apple releases one or two devices almost every year. However, Express works effectively on almost every device that also includes some old versions of Apple devices.

Does ExpressVPN Support Torrenting

An obvious question arises, which is asked by many users before purchasing or installing a VPN, and the answer is a simple yes. Express provides the user with a wide variety of servers, and most of them support torrenting at high speed.

In addition, the servers are safe and secure, which gives the user peace of mind while torrenting without worrying about data being leaked because the chances of that happening are close to zero.

Cons of ExpressVPN

It is not like Express is an invincible VPN, and to be honest, not a single VPN in the market can guarantee 100 % security of the user’s privacy or the security of their device. However, Express is one of the most secure VPNs in the market, and it is almost impossible for the user’s IP to be leaked or the device to be hacked or get a virus.

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Though, there are some downsides to Express that Apple users should keep in mind before buying the VPN

Costly: The subscription prices of Express VPN are a bit higher compared to other VPN providers. The price range of Express is one of the biggest reasons why many people do not prefer this VPN. Express is not the best choice of VPN for people who are new to the VPN market.

In addition to the VPN’s prices being high, it does not have a free trial which can help the user decide if they want to purchase the VPN or not. However, it does have a money-back guarantee of 30 days which is more than enough for a user to decide if the VPN suits them or not.

Can’t say that the features of Apple are as good as android: From time to time, android devices and Apple devices get their fair share of comparison competitions and Express VPN sides with android in this comparison.

As the servers are more limited for Apple and the security protocol is great, but it is not as high and might when compared to android. However, Apple makes up for that weakness with its in-built security features, but those have nothing to do with ExpressVPN for mac. However, the security protocols are still better than the other VPN providers.

Is There a Free Version of ExpressVPN?

Express is a premium VPN that provides users with speed, security, stability, and no bandwidth limitations. However, it is not a free VPN. It comes with different subscription options of a month, six months, and annually.

ExpressVPN price starts from $ 12 a month and goes up to $ 99 annually. The price range is the same for every device. However, compared to other VPN providers, Express VPN’s plans are a little too high but keeping in mind the features it provides and works for almost every device is enough to prove that the ExpressVPN for mac is worth the money.

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