How to Become a Social Media Influencer in 2022: Beginner’s Guide

Last Updated on September 3, 2022

By 2023, influencer marketing is going to be an $8 Billion business. Many people want to know the right information to be an influencer. After looking at the lifestyle, luxuries, and perks of being an influencer, almost half of the audience of every influencer wishes to be on the same influencer marketing platform. But is it that easy? Certainly not.

In this blog, we’ll tell you how to become a social media influencer that people would love to follow. With the increase in the follower growth rate of normal people who turned out to be influencers, the market is growing like anything.

Those days are long gone when it was easy to influence people with an Ad commercial by famous actors and actresses. People now very well know that these celebrities don’t even use what they endorse. So, the growth of influencer marketing had to increase.

Looking at such a scenario, many influencers utilized the best performing influencer marketing strategy to increase their audience base. So, let’s start to understand How hard it is to become a social media influencer in 2022?

How to Become a Social Media Influencer

1. Understand Your Niche

This is one of the most important parts of influencer marketing. When you are thinking of becoming an influencer in some field, then you need to be confident about it. You can’t just have 5% knowledge about something and call yourself an influencer.

So, research well and think about a great idea that you can continue with for at least five years. Influencer marketing requires a lot of effort. You need to constantly feed your audience with content so that they “remember” your name.

When you are learning how to become an influencer in 2019, you can’t just post anything just for the sake of it. Therefore, do a lot of research before posting on your IG or FB.

2. Write a Bio That Helps People Understand You

It’s understandable that nobody is known worldwide. Even if you have a Million Instagram followers, it doesn’t mean that you can write anything that only your audience understands. You need to be specific. Describe what your work is related to.

instagram bio

Have a look at these examples too to know how you write your Instagram bio.

instagram bio for Travel blogger influencer

Check out one more.

instagram bio for fashion blogger influencer

This is how you need to give an idea to your visitors about what your page is all about.

3. Be Active in Stories

Stories are everywhere. Be it WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or Snapchat, stories have rolled out everywhere. It’s an amazing way to increase your engagement. There are some times when you have content, but you don’t want to see it in the long run, so you can use the stories feature to upload them.

One story is available for the next 24 hours and each story is of 15 seconds duration. If you think that it takes one good post to become an Instagram influencer, then you have never followed influencers. Gone are the days when celebrities used to roll out BTS or Behind The Scenes footage in the commercial part of the movie.

Today, influencers share a lot of backstage footage and content in their stories. So, if you also want to become an influencer, then make use of these influencer marketing platforms at their best. Communicate & engage.  

4. Post Appealing Content on Your Instagram Feed

This is something that almost a lot of people see. Whenever someone visits you on Instagram, they first judge what sort of content do you post. Then they see the engagement you get on your page and after that, they see the last time you posted something on Instagram.

So, you need to be appealing and have an aesthetic feed on Instagram that reverberates good energy. To be a successful influencer, start working out on your content. Now, if the content is the king, consistency is no less than the queen. You need to be posting regularly and something that people would love to see.

5. Be Consistent With Your Content

Just like we told you that if Content is the king, then consistency is the queen. You have to post at least twice or thrice a day every day for the next 1 year or 2 years. To have something strong in the long run, you need to be up in the game.

Just like the skyscraper technique in SEO, this is the same with Influencer marketing. You need to be highly active on your influencer marketing platform so that if people have a problem or they want to see something, then they just visit your profile and their search intent is finished.

Sometimes, it might become difficult for you to post content regularly, this is where automation tools come in handy. There are tools that help you in scheduling your posts on various influencer marketing platforms. Tools like Buffer, Hootsuite, etc can help you take this load off your chest.

These tools are free and come with a paid version as well. You can read more about them in our Social Media Optimization Tools blog. Once you are done with scheduling, you can then take out some time to make a working influencer marketing strategy for the business side-by-side.

Many people want to learn how to be an influencer. But, the answer remains the same every time. You have to be a pro in some field to become an influencer. Why? Because once you get some audience, they would keep looking at you with hopes that you know something about it.

6. Apply for a Business Account

Influencers are always on the lookout to know the numbers. They keep a track of everything that they post. Whether it’s viewed on their Instagram stories or the Insights data, they check everything.

It’s important to check what your audience likes the most, based on how they responded to your content from the Insights option. If you want to learn how to become an influencer in 2022, then you need to check out such stats on your page.

Instagram insight account page

One of the best benefits of owning a Business page is that you get access to all the data that can help you more in creating better content.

You can get segmented data based on the demographics, gender, location, and more. Just know that the prices of an influencer’s services are based on how many followers the influencer has or how many people engage with his posts.

So, they do have a deep look at this section of their page.

7. Never Buy Fake Followers

This one would help you stay safe on Instagram. You might think that having a huge following would be such an amazing idea, right? In the very beginning, even 500 followers seem like such an amazing number, right? But, no! Buying fake followers is a big no.

Just remember that you can start slow and still be on the top in a matter of a few months. All you need is to stay consistent and keep improving your content. Deliver what people expect from you and very soon more and more people would join your page.

One of the major drawbacks of buying fake followers is that Instagram shadowbans profiles and pages that buy fake followers. It’s not that Instagram will always shadowban you, but if you consistently purchase fake followers, then you might get banned sometime soon.

Therefore, in order to become an influencer, be authentic. If you want to read more on why you should not buy fake followers, then read this blog.


Becoming an influencer is not a big task. All you need is knowledge of the niche you are targeting. Along with this, everything is just precautionary. Keep this blog in mind if you are thinking of being the next influencer. So, that’s a complete guide on how to become a social media influencer in 2022. 

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