How to Create a New Site Using Wix? Step-by-Step Guide

Last Updated on November 17, 2022

Building a professional and responsive site requires knowledge of coding and designing; well, that’s how the saying goes. However, with Wix, you can build a fully responsive and professional-looking site with ease. Although Wix is one of the best platforms to make a website on Google, you might be wondering how to create a new site using Wix. Wix is a feature-rich platform that allows users to build their first or hundredth website with a few clicks. 

With innovative tools and out-of-the-box features, Wix allows its users to build an entire website with a few clicks. Although Wix has various easy-to-use features, a first look at the platform can be intimidating, especially if you are building your first site. This article will guide you on how to create a new site using Wix.

Why Should You Choose Wix?

Before getting started, consider why you should build a site using Wix.

With Wix, users can create visually stunning websites by dragging and dropping elements and typing directly on the screen.

Wix offers over 800 pre-built templates to quickly get you going, making it one of the best platforms to start a website creation journey.

Other than being an intuitive and easy-to-use platform, what makes Wix unique is that you can manage hosting, security, analytics, and email from one place.

Other great features that Wix offers are:

  • AI tool that will create unique website designs for you.
  • Integrated SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, and more tools.
  • 24/7 Support team 

Steps to Create a New Site Using Wix?

1. Signup With Wix

Signup With Wix
Image Source: Wix

Go to the Wix site and start by signing your email and filling in the required information. After signing up, link your social media account with Wix. When this step finishes, you will be taken to a short questionnaire. Although you can skip the questionnaire, it is recommended to complete it, as it will customize Wix to fit your needs. After signing up with Wix and completing the questionnaire, you can go to the next step.

2. Choose a Template for Your Site

Choose a Template for Your Wix Site
Image Source: Wix

After signing up, you can take the first step to create your website by choosing a template for it. Although the recommended website templates are based on the questionnaire, you can browse through all the templates to find the perfect fit for you.

You can browse through all the templates and preview them to know how they will look with your content.

After importing the template, you can customize it by following the next step.

3. Wix Website Builder

Wix Website Editor
Image Source: Wix

After choosing the template, click the edit button, which will take you to the Wix site builder. The builder will allow you to make your own website and edit and add your content.

Getting used to the website builder might take some time, but it will allow you to add and edit easily:

  • Menus and Pages: You can create new pages and can edit the ones you are working on. You can edit your website’s menus and can even add transitions to your website.
  • Background: The Wix builder allows you to completely customize the website, including its background.        Furthermore, you can set custom background images and videos in your posts and pages.
  • Elements and Widgets: All the elements available in the Wix website builder can be added to your website. However, take note that not all elements and widgets are available for free; you will need to upgrade to Wix premium to use them.
  • Wix App Market: The third-party market allows users to integrate site analytics, chat, forums, etc., into your site.
  • Media: Wix has its own set of free and premium stock of images and videos with tools for easy editing.
  • Blog Manager: Wix allows you to add and edit blog posts in this area. Users can edit and add elements like archive, category menu, recent post widgets, and more in this area.

After editing and adding elements and widgets to your website, you can make your content more engaging with the help of artificial intelligence.

4. Use Wix Artificial Intelligence

Wix Artificial Intelligence
Image Source: WebsiteSetup

Artificial intelligence in Wix uses the information from the questionnaire to create content ideas. Artificial intelligence also suggests elements and templates that are related to your niche.

Various features such as an online store, forums, menus, reservations and others are suggested by the Wix artificial intelligence. If you don’t see the feature you want to add to your site, you can scroll down and can search for the feature and then can import it to your site. Moreover, Wix’s artificial intelligence also helps in solving the question of how to make a website for a business.

Moreover, Wix’s artificial intelligence recommends various colour schemes and fonts that match the user’s content. However, most of the colour schemes and font types require users to purchase Wix premium plans.

Users can directly import the elements that artificial intelligence suggests to make their site more attractive. While in this section, you can use artificial intelligence to create a header and footer. Moreover, artificial intelligence knows how to solve how and can help users to make a website for a business.

After importing the templates and elements, you can go to the next step.

5. Customize Your Wix Site

How to Create a New Site Using Wix
Image Source: Wix

Now you know your way around in the Wix builder and have created your pages and posts, it’s time to customize them.

Jump back to the Wix site builder, where most of the website can be edited for free. However, if you want complete customization access, then you will need to upgrade to Wix premium.

In the customization menu, you can add pages transition, sticky menus, page backgrounds, and more. This goes without saying that you can play with the colour combination and can change your website appearance according to your preference.

If you see an element or widget of your liking, you can add it to your site while in the customization section. If you are having trouble in the customization section, then rest assured Wix has a library of videos that will help you throughout the site-building process.

6. Publish Your Wix Site

Publish Your Wix Site
Image Source: Wix

Once you are happy with the design and content of your site, you can move to the final step by taking your website online.

In the top right-hand corner, click the blue publish button. This process might take some time, but after it completes, your site will be published, and you will get a link to your site. You can click the link to check how your site looks and responds.

Keep in mind that there will be various restrictions when you build a site with Wix for free. However, those restrictions are removed in Wix premium plans.

7. Upgrade to Wix Premium

Upgrade to Wix Premium
Image Source: Tooltester

At this point, you can continue your website made on Wix free account. However, upgrading to a Wix premium plan will allow you to remove all the Wix ads, use your own domain, make your site more functional, and many other things that are restricted in the free version.

You can upgrade your plan to Wix premium anytime by clicking the pricing button and selecting a suitable plan. The premium plans of Wix start from $14 to $39 monthly (take note, the cheapest plan of Wix does not remove ads).

After upgrading your plan to the Wix premium, you can add features and elements that were restricted before on your site.

To Conclude

Wix is a platform that allows users to build websites for free without any knowledge of coding and designing. Although you can create a website and can publish it on google for free, there will be various cutbacks, including Wix ads on your website and not having your own domain name.

To sum it up, you can create your own website using Wix, and the price of its premium plans is also fair. It is a drag-and-drop website builder, and although it can still make you wonder how to create a new site using Wix, that problem is already treated with this article.

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