How to Plan a Website in 5 Easy Steps – The Complete Guide!

Last Updated on September 3, 2022

If you ask any digital marketer what’s the first step to getting more business, they’ll ask you to get a website. And if every Digital marketer is suggesting you get a website, then it is important for you to make one. In this blog, we’ll talk about how to Plan a website as you start creating your website.

So planning your website and creation is an important task. Consider it like building your own home. You don’t build a home just like that. It takes a lot of planning and understanding of various things.

So, let’s understand the process to plan a website thoroughly.

How to Plan a Website in 5 Steps: The Complete Guide

1. Make a raw structure

Take a pen and paper and make a structural tree. Write down all the pointers from head to toe. Keep this in mind about what all parts would come on the homepage and the buttons you want. Then figure out where these pages would be leading to. This is a VERY important part of website creation.

Many people make the mistake that they buy a domain name and making the website live without even thinking about their website content.

website sitemap structure
Credit: pinterest

So be sure of what you want on your website, write it down, and then start making it. This is where you would be needing hosting. So book a hosting from a good website only.

Pro Tip: Use this link and buy hosting from BlueHost which provides one of the FASTEST hostings.

2. Decide the content strategy

So this becomes the second steps in planning for a website design. You need to write content for whichever buttons and pages you’re deciding to make.

Content Strategy
Credit: Upleaf


Follow these simple tips while writing content for your website

  1. Write short paragraphs
  2. Use bullets
  3. Define everything clearly
  4. Don’t mislead or confuse your reader
  5. Content should be keyword rich
  6. Don’t make grammar mistakes (Use Grammarly Premium)

Other than these things, you can use KontentMachine tool for some amazing Content help. This tool lets you know the SEO strategy of the content which is ranking for the terms you’re looking for. And if something’s helping you reach the top, then why not?

Pro Tip: Do NOT think that you’re wasting money on these tools. Just like a repairman has his hammer and other tools, just like that, these are your tools. So, always think of these as an investment.

3. Use WordPress for your Site

WordPress is a huge platform that helps people make websites even when they don’t have knowledge of coding etc.

Wordpress Website
Credit: Themefusion


So basically WordPress has an option where you can apply themes to your website and get a final website. Then all you need to do is just drag-and-drop and simply cut paste your content and images.

You can check out our top picks of WordPress themes you must consider as you plan for creating a website 

4. Optimize Your Website

Optimizing your website plays an important part. This lets Google know that whatever content you’re putting up on the website is up to the mark and complies with its policies.

Website Optimization
Credit: WPBeginner


Pro Tip: Do NOT over-optimize your website. This might make Google’s Crawler think that you’re spamming with its search engine and it might give you a penalty.

So what should you do?

Normally you can follow these steps

  1. Use H1 one time
  2. Distribute the rest of the headings orderly
  3. Add images and write Alt Text
  4. Do not just fill the image alt text with keywords. Describe what the image is about
  5. Interlink your articles and other pages
  6. Get backlinks from other sites

So these were some of the ways in which you can optimize your website. Now let’s talk about optimizing the other parts of your website Planning:

  • Optimizing Images: Try to decrease the image size and make sure the size is around two-digits bytes. Reduce the size to such an extent where the image doesn’t get pixelated. If there are texts written in the image, then optimize the image text so that it’s clearly visible. You can use any image optimizer tool online to optimize your images well.
  • Optimize Texts: The Google’s crawlers are programmed to give higher ranks to those web pages which provide amazing value to the people. Your website content should be highly informative. Do not mislead your visitors. Make sure that you don’t use bad grammar or any phrasing errors. Try to find out duplicate web pages on your website and duplicate content as well. You can use tools such as Ahrefs to easily find out such content on your website.
  • Optimizing UX: Google wants people to have an amazing experience on the website they see in the results option. So whenever you’re optimizing the content on the website, keep User-Experience in your mind. Align images well. If you’re using JavaScript on your website, then keep on checking if they’re working fine or not.

So before you want to know how to design a website, try to build content before making your website. Take recommendations from these tools that we’re mentioning.

5. Start Designing Your Website

This is the main part of designing your website. Now that you have made sure what your content should be and the images are prepared, now you have design and plan for creating a website. We also hope that you have decided a WordPress theme to go with.

Credit: Marketing Media


PS: WordPress themes are amazing because for various reasons like they are SEO pre-optimized, they have all the coding pre-done, the UI & UX is fast.

Now that you’ll be putting up the content on your website, make sure you have some of these pages as well (depending on your relevance):

  1. Home
  2. About Us
  3. Career
  4. Contact Us
  5. Our Services
  6. Research
  7. Blog
  8. Privacy Policy
  9. Terms & Conditions
  10. Subscribe Us

These were some of the most important pages which Google’s crawlers would keep in mind. 

Now you have a clear vision how to plan a website strategically and bring your business reach to potential customers. Now all left is the marketing strategy and tools you need to get.  Here we have got covered everything you can go through on our blog. Let us know in the comment box what website you have created for your online business.

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