How to Set Up Facebook Ad Campaign to Generate Leads 2022: A Beginners Guide!

If you are a beginner and looking step by step guide on how to set up Facebook ad campaign in 2022 successfully with examples and screenshots to make your business reach more and more people & grow then, this blog is for you.

FB Lead Generation Ads are one of the greatest ways. Facebook has an active audience of 2.38 Billion people worldwide. This is such a huge number that you can find almost any kind of target audience in this large audience.

Many times, it’s difficult to understand what type of product or service your audience would need or want. This is where you can use Facebook Lead Generation to the best.

We will help you learn lead generation on Facebook here!

Benefits of Facebook Lead Generation Campaign

The major difference between the Facebook Lead Generation campaign and Google Ads is that on Facebook you have the ability to define your target audience. And your target audience has the freedom to engage with the Ads that look appealing – both visually and contextually.

On one hand, Google offers you Search Ads, but on the other hand, Facebook offers you a wide variety of visual Ad selection options.

Get Leads From Any Device/OS

In the Facebook lead generation ads, you can directly tell Facebook which device or OS you want leads from. This option helps you in getting quality leads.

Suppose you are a mobile manufacturer or an app developer. Now, you want people who use your app or mobile to answer a few questions with Facebook Lead Ads. So, you can directly target these particular mobiles or mobiles based on a certain OS.

Get High-quality Leads

This is another benefit of Facebook Lead Generation Ads. It can help you get quality leads. When you create a lead form on Facebook, you will be asked whether you want “More Volume” or “Higher Intent” leads.

This means that if you select the “More Volume” option, you will be able to get the maximum number of leads. How?

Facebook has the option of showing a confirmation before someone sends a lead. This means that on clicking “Submit”, Facebook will show them a confirmation page where they can review what they have entered.

So another step gets entered in the Higher Intent option. But, in the More Volume option, this option is not there. Once a user clicks on Submit, the lead gets submitted.

Access Leads Anytime

One of the best parts of Facebook lead generation Ads is that once a user submits their details or fills the lead generation form, you immediately get that lead. You may access this lead in your Publisher Tools anytime you want. 

So, in order to manage all the leads, you won’t have to spend on any CRM software, etc.

Now that we know the benefits of Facebook Lead Generation Ads, let’s focus on how to generate leads on Facebook.

How to Set Up Facebook Ad Campaign to Generate Leads

It’s very easy. Let’s learn a quick process.

  1. Go to your Facebook Ads Manager
  2. Click on Create on the upper left side of your screen
  3. Select Lead Generation and give a name to your campaign
  4. Choose the Facebook page for which you wish to run Lead Generation Ads
  5. Now modify your target location, audience, devices, and budget
  6. Select Ad format – a single image, video, or carousel
  7. Insert a headline, description, and CTA

Now, this is what we do overall in Facebook lead generation campaigns once you set up Facebook ad campaign. 

But, the vital Lead Ads part is yet to come: How to Create a Lead form?

instant form facebook lead generation

Upon scrolling down, you’ll see a button that says, “Contact Form”. The Contact Form would require you to fill out the following content.

contact form facebook lead generation


This is going to be one of those parts which should tell people why they should fill out your Lead form. Create an urgency and tell them the importance of this lead form.

lead form intro

The Intro part has a Headline that can accommodate up to 60 characters max.

Upload an image or use an already uploaded image. Now, write a small paragraph on why people should be filling out your form. Tell them the perks of filling out your form.


This is where you can add questions that your audience would have to answer while filling out your Lead form. 

lead form questions

Here, certain questions will get auto-filled by Facebook. This way, your user will save time while filling out the form. 

Add different types of questions by clicking on Add New Question. Some of these questions can be answered by Facebook itself as per the information provided by the user to Facebook.

lead form add new questions

You can add custom questions:

  1. Short Answer 
  2. Multiple Choice
  3. Conditional
  4. Appointment Scheduling

You can select any of these options to add a new question.

Privacy Policy

Now, Facebook has made it compulsory for Lead Generation Ads to have a Privacy Policy linked with its Contact Form. Although, nobody would be reading your Privacy Policy, but Facebook always likes its Facebook Lead Ads to have privacy policy options in them.

lead form privacy policy

Here, you’ll have to add the link to your Privacy Policy and give the link a Link Text.

Thank You Screen

This screen would appear once a user has submitted its lead. Here you can write a small thank you note or tell them about the next steps.

lead form thank you screen

The Thank You screen consists of a headline, description, website link, and a website button type. So, this is how to do lead generation on Facebook. You can choose various placements to run your Ads on.

For Example: You can show your Ad on your IG feeds or Facebook feed.

So, this is what you have to understand. You need to analyze which platform would be able to offer you more or quality leads. As Instagram has started to keep pace in the market and more youngsters are using Instagram, so you can select Instagram as the placement for products that would match such an audience.

I hope this guide helped you to understand easily how to set up Facebook ad campaign successfully and generate leads from scratch. If you have any doubts yet then do comment. we will reply to you soon!

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