IPVanish Review 2022: Is IPVanish VPN Safe, Private for Android?

As the name suggests, the VPN does a great job at hiding the user’s IP and preventing any DNS or online leak. IPVanish is one of the best and all-rounded VPNs that can be used for multiple purposes like torrenting and gaming, to name just a few.

IPVanish VPN
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IPVanish Review for Android – Detailed Analysis

As said earlier, IPVanish is one of the best VPNs, and an impressive variety of features have helped it to achieve this height. However, just like other VPNs, IPVanish also has some downsides to it that you will get to know in this IPVanish review for android.

  • Great P2P servers
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections
  • Strict no-logging policy
  • OpenVPN and some other security protocols are outdated.
  • Great P2P servers
  • Strong DNS and IP leak protection
  • Poor client applications and customer support
  • Security configuration isn’t user-friendly


1. Plans & Refunds

IPVanish VPN for android is a premium VPN, and its subscription prices are reasonable, considering the features it offers. IPVanish free trail is also available but only for 30 days. The subscription IPVanish deals or plans divides into three different plans that go:

Monthly: $10.99/mo

3 Months: $4.44/mo

12 Months: $3.33/mo

Although IPVanish is a budget-friendly VPN, but it is very picky when it comes to payment methods. Only credit cards, debit cards, and some online transaction apps like Paypal and Paytm can be used to make subscriptions. It does not support any type of Cryptocurrency or even international payment method. 

IPVanish VPN pricing
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As the subscription prices are not sky-high, anyone can buy it; if the VPN fails to satisfy their needs. Then the user can use the 30-day money-back guarantee to get their refund. IPVanish cost is not that much high as compare to other VPNs and also 30 days are more than enough to test every feature of the VPN and find out if the VPN is good enough or not.

2. Server Locations & IP addresses

IPVanish VPN provides users with over 2000 servers that are spread across 75+ locations. Unlike other VPN providers that rent server locations to increase their overall number of servers or virtual servers that gives the IP of a different country but are physically located elsewhere. 

The VPNs that use these types of servers can easily cause some significant security issues. Fortunately, IPVanish owns every single of its servers and does not use virtual or rented servers.

Moreover, IPVasnish VPN has also become one of the fastest-growing VPNs. It is named in the best VPNs that is why we think it important to make a IPVanish Review For Android.

Other than the servers, IPVanish provides the users with over 40000 IP addresses which allow the users to remain anonymous.

3. Features

Unlike other VPNs, IPVanish review for android is rarely avaliable on internet. IPVanish offers Android with similar features and setting configurations it offers in Windows.

1. Kill Switch: It is one of the most advanced and best features to ensure the safety of your device, and it also ensures that the user’s online information won’t get leaked anywhere. Thankfully, IPVanish offers it to Android users. The kill switch acts like a gate from where the internet connection passes and meets with the device.

If there is a high fluctuation in the internet which might be caused by incoming malware, the gate will automatically close. This means that malware won’t be able to enter your device, and the device will remain safe.

2. DNS and IP leak protection: Over 2000 servers are available in this VPN, and every single one of them is protected with high-grade encryption. These encryptions make sure that the user’s IP or DNS won’t be leaked.

3. P2P servers: Not only P2P activities are allowed for Android users, but the speed of these servers is also unmatched by any other VPN provider. The P2P servers of this VPN are great for torrenting and allow the users to share and receive files with one another quickly.

4. Split tunneling: Although split tunneling is of hardly any use to Android users. However, it is still there and allows the user to choose which apps should go through the VPN and which shouldn’t.

4. Bandwidth limitation

In terms of bandwidth limitation, there is no bandwidth limitation. This many features and servers would have easily become pointless if there was a bandwidth limitation. Fortunately, IPVanish does not apply any bandwidth limitation to any of its users.

The users can use this VPN without worrying about how much data they have spent on the VPN. This means that the users can play online games, stream high-quality videos, and download torrent files to their heart’s content and can repeat this process as long as they have a subscription.

5. Simultaneous device connection

Unlike other VPNs that are limited to a number of simultaneous device connections, IPVanish is totally opposite from them and provides the users with unlimited simultaneous device connections.

Combined with the unlimited bandwidth, it makes IPVanish one of the best choices of VPNs to install on routers. Installing it on a router is the easiest and most effective way to simultaneously use it on different devices.

Although IPVanish can be manually installed on routers, there is no need to go with that process as there are many routers in the market that comes with the VPN pre-installed. 

6.Security Protocols and Privacy

Checking the security protocols of a VPN is one of the main aspects that you should keep in mind before installing or purchasing a subscription to a VPN.

Image Source: thebestvpn.in

Although IPVanish uses security protocols such as WireGuard, IKEv2, and IPsec, which are top-notch. While the other protocols like OpenVPN (TCP) and OpenVPN (UDP) are outdated and haven’t seen any updates for quite a while. This can be a little worrying because

1. OpenVPN (TCP): TCP refers to Transmission Control Protocol. This makes sure that there won’t be any packet loss during downloading or transferring files. It is one of the best protocols while downloading big torrent files to make sure that your file won’t corrupt. Unfortunately, this feature is outdated in IPVanish and does not guarantee that downloading files won’t get corrupted.

2. OpenVPN (UDP): UDP stands for User Datagram Protocols, and it is a similar protocol to TCP and is also the default OpenVPN protocol in IPVanish. The only difference between them would be that the speed of UPD can be increased a little by closing the background apps. 

Other than its OpenVPN protocols, IPVanish provides users with strong and fully responsive security protocols that are up to date.

Moreover, the VPN extension provides the user with strong DNS and IP leak protection. This makes sure that the user’s data won’t get leaked to any website. Moreover, even the VPN providers have no clue for how long the VPN is being used or on how many websites it is being used.

If someone asks them to hand over your data, then they won’t be able to do so because they don’t have it.

7. Streaming

IPVanish performs admirably at unblocking streaming libraries of major streaming platforms such as Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, and more. Moreover, the VPN provides the users with a high and stable connection speed while they stream.

IPVanish can grant users access to streaming libraries of different countries such as the UK, US, India, and Japan on major streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, HBO max, BBC iPlayer, and ITV. There is no doubt that IPVanish is one of the best VPN for Streaming.

However, the VPN fails to unlock any library of Amazon Prime, no matter what the server is used.

8. Speed

IPVanish provides its users with a fast and stable connection speed on both long and short-distance servers. Although the speed of long-distance servers tends to be slow with IPVanish, the speed is more than enough to stream videos and download or upload torrent files.

The speed tests mostly divided into three parts, and IPVanish performs admirably in every single one of them.

IPVanish Speed Test
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1. Download speed: Download speed refers to the time it takes to receive files. IPVanish performs admirably and provides the users with over 100 Mbps. This speed is enough to download files quickly. Even in the faraway servers, only a 7% drop can be seen while downloading torrent and chrome files.

2. Upload speed: Upload speed is the opposite of download and refers to the time it takes for the user to send data such as videos, files, email, and more to others. The upload speed of IPVanish is pretty similar to the download speed in both short and far away servers.

3. Ping: Ping is one of the most important aspects of online gaming and refers to the time it takes for the data to travel to your device. A lesser ping means a more responsive connection. The data travel time of IPVanish is measured in milliseconds (ms).

Is IPVanish speed good enough for gaming?

Yes, IPVanish is an excellent choice for Gaming VPN as the data only takes a couple of milliseconds to travel, which gives the user around 6-12 ping. 

Thanks to its variety of servers, it can be used to buy games at a much lower price and can also be used to increase the chances of better in-game loot.

Overall, IPVanish is an excellent VPN for both slow and fast-paced online games and makes sure that the users won’t suffer from any lags and other connection problems.

Is IPVanish good enough for torrenting?

Thanks to its P2P servers, IPVanish is one of the best VPNs for torrenting. Its variety of servers can easily grant the users access to all the torrenting sites and allows them to download or upload torrent files safely.

With its high-grade encrypted servers and strong security protocols, the users won’t need to worry about their IP being tracked or their online information being leaked.

To sum it up, IPVanish is one of the best VPNs for torrenting that any Android user can use while their eyes are closed. 

IPVanish Review: Conclusion

IPVanish is one of the best VPNs for Android that offers great security features and protocols, which are unparalleled by most of the VPNs for Android.

It is an easy-to-use VPN that comes in with a user-friendly interface. Although some security features and protocols can be customized but the setting configuration isn’t user-friendly and is hard to get used to.

However, the default settings and apps of this VPN are more than enough to ensure the safety of the user’s device and information and as well as provide them with high speed.

To sum it all up, IPVanish is a premium but a budget-friendly VPN for Android that comes in with a variety of servers, security protocols, and features. If, for some reason, the user didn’t like the VPN, then they can get their refund within 30 days of the purchase. 

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