IPVanish VS Express VPN: Faster, Privacy, Price [9 Test,1 Winner]

Last Updated on September 3, 2022

Quick Comparison: IPVanish VS Express VPN

Name IPVanish Express
Ratings  9.4/10 9.6/10
Servers 1900+ 3000+
Types of Access Paid Paid
Trial Version No  No
Money-Back Guarantee 30 days (only on 2 years plan) 30 days (on every subscription plan)
Smart DNS No Yes
Connection Speed 170+ 150+
Speed Loss (Close and Remote Servers) 0% in close and 21% in faraway 0% in close and 24% in faraway
Simultaneous Connection Unlimited 5
Bandwidth Limitation Unlimited Unlimited

1. Features Comparison

Both IPVanish and Express include top-notch and fully responsive features. However, various limitations apply to them, and their configurations are some of the necessary things that you should keep in mind before installing the VPN.

1. Split Tunneling: It is simple yet advanced, and one of the most beloved security features both VPN providers offer. Moreover, Split Tunneling functions the same in both VPNs. However, IPVanish only provides the most advanced customization of Split Tunneling to Android and Fire TV Stick users, while Express offers similar customization features to all devices. Overall, Split Tunneling of Express is much better than IPVanish as there is much bigger room for customization for all devices.

2. Kill Switch: Both IPVanish and ExpressVPN provide kill switch to every device except iOS. However, the kill switch of Express is called Network Lock and is a bit more advanced than the kill switch IPVanish offers.

3. Stealth: Both VPN providers offer impressive stealth features and servers to their users, with which they can easily roam the restricted side of the internet. However, the stealth features of ExpressVPN are much more advanced and are able to unblock a much wider range of restricted content.

4. Malware and Ad blocker: IPVanish and Express are well-known VPNs due to their strong security and privacy features. Moreover, their features are very similar and work impressively at blocking all malware, ads, and CAPTCHAs.

5. DNS and IP leaks: Both VPNs provide their users with an advanced kill switch and a variety of servers that are protected with AES-256 bit encryption. Although both VPNs guarantee no DNS and IP leaks, Express’s kill switch is much more advanced, putting it in front of IPVanish.

2. Protocols Comparison

IPVanish VS ExpressVPN
Image Source: fixthephoto.com


IPVanish VPN provides its users with four strong security protocols OpenVPN, WireGuard, IPsec, and IKEv2. Moreover, these protocols remain the same for every device and allow the users to do easy customization.

On the other hand, Express also uses the same protocols but includes L2TP and PPTP protocols. Moreover, none of these protocols are set in stone and allow the users to customize them to suit their needs. In addition, Express allows its users to choose between the UDP and TCP protocols of OpenVPN.

The protocols of both VPNs are top-notch. However, Express wins this race as it offers a much wider variety of them.

3. Servers and Performance

Express VPN has over 3000 servers, while IPVanish has over 1900. Although the number of servers is much higher in Express, they both protect their servers with the same protocol of AES-256 bit.

However, the connection speed of IPVanish servers is much better, but the VPN does not provide the users with as many security protocols as Express to increase their browsing performance.

In the servers and performance comparison of ExpressVPN vs IPVanish, ExpressVPN stands tall with its wider range and bigger number of servers and provides the users with extra protocols such as L2TP and UDP/TCP to increase the VPN performance on users’ devices.

4. Speed Comparison

IPVanish and Express provide their users with high and stable connection speeds on close and remote servers. Moreover, both VPNs support port forwarding, which gives an additional buff to the connection speed.

IPVanish uses the TCP protocol to increase user connection speed and prevent packet loss while transferring or receving files. On the other hand, Express uses Lightway, an entirely focused feature, to increase its user’s connection speed without affecting other security features, protocols, and users’ online information.

However, IPVanish managed to win this round and provides its users with a connection speed of over 170 Mbps in close-range servers, while a speed loss of only 21% is seen in the faraway servers. On the other hand, the close-range servers of Express provide its users with a connection speed of 150+ Mbps, while 24% of the speed is lost in the remote servers.

5. Bandwidth Limitation and Simultaneous Device Connections

IPVanish and Express are both high-speed VPNs and even further increase the users’ connection speed with their features and protocols. Moreover, both VPNs provide their users with unlimited bandwidth and allow them to do swift browsing.

However, the connection speed of IPVanish is much better than Express in both close and faraway servers. Only 21% of speed is lost in the farthest server in IPVanish, while 24% is lost in Express.

Moreover, IPVanish unlimited number of devices can be simultaneously connected in IPVanish and can still enjoy high connection speed with strong and responsive

security features. On the other hand, only five devices can simultaneously be connected with Express. Five simultaneous connections is a below-average number, and it fails to explain Express VPN’s subscription prices.

6. Unblocking Streaming Libraries

Being able to unblock streaming libraries is a huge deal and is also the first thing that pops into most people’s minds when hearing the term “VPN.” Fortunately, IPVanish and Express are some of the best VPNs to access the sweet geo-blocked libraries on major streaming platforms without alerting them.

However, Express is the only VPN in the market that can unblock every restricted content while keeping the user’s online information hidden. On the contrary, IPVanish is only able to unblock a few streaming libraries.

Moreover, Express provides its users with a Smart DNS tool called MediaStreamer, which allows the users to play restricted libraries on their smart devices.

Although IPVanish connection speed is much higher than Express, Express takes the lead at unblocking streaming libraries, and the speed of Express is more than enough to stream videos at a high quality.

7. Torrenting

P2P traffic and port forwarding are essential features for torrenting, and luckily, both VPNs offer them.

Let’s first take a look at IPVanish. Although the connection speed of IPVanish is impressive, its servers are not specialized for torrenting. However, the VPN can still be used to download and upload files on torrent websites. Moreover, port forwarding buffs the connection speed for better results. 

As for Express, it allows torrenting activities and P2P traffic on every of its server. In addition, the VPN also allows port forwarding for fast downloads and uploads, and all the devices connected that are connected through P2P servers will be able to share and receive files with each other.

Overall, Express is a much better choice of VPN for torrenting as it has a wide variety of servers and protocols, which not only allows the users to remain anonymous but also prevents files from getting corrupted.

8. Gaming

High connection speed is a must in online gaming, and that speed can be achieved through one of these VPNs. The connection speed of Express goes up to 150 Mbps and provides the users with a stable and excellent ping of 14-20ms. Moreover, an average ping of 40-60ms is given to the users in remote servers.

As for IPVanish, it provides gamers with a fast connection speed of over 170 Mbps on close-range servers, which gives them a ping of 4-12ms. As for the remote servers, they give users a ping of 25-50ms.

All in all, the connection speed of IPVanish is better than Express, which makes it a better choice of VPN for gaming. Moreover, IPVanish supports unlimited simultaneous connections without imposing any bandwidth limitation and allows gamers to connect multiple devices simultaneously to the VPN and play online games without any lags or connection drops.

9. Device Compatibility

Windows: Both VPN providers windows users with their best features. However, Express offers a much bigger room for customization and also offers a wide variety of servers, features, and protocols to the users.

1. Android: VPNs for Androids tend to be short on protocols and features; this also applies to Express and IPVanish. However, IPVanish is one of the most well-known VPNs for Android and provides them with fully responsive and the most advanced features that a VPN can offer.

2. iOS: The iOS version of both IPVanish and Express is similar and provides them with OpenVPN and WireGuard protocol only. Moreover, kill switch is out of the list for iOS users in both VPNs.

3. Mac: Surprisingly, both IPVanish and Express version for mac is much similar to windows, except they do not provide mac users with UDP and TCP protocols. Although even without these protocols, Express manages to take the lead with its easy features customization and a bigger number of servers and protocols.

4. Routers: Both IPVanish and Express VPN can be easily installed on routers, or even better, many routers come with the VPN preinstalled on them. However, IPVanish is the better VPN to install on routers as it supports unlimited simultaneous connections and has no connection drop in close-range servers.

Which One is Better: IPVanish VS Express VPN

IPVanish is a faster and a bit cheaper VPN than Express. Although these are the two punches that are difficult to beat, Express remains the superior choice of VPN due to its privacy features, server locations, and unblocking restricted content ability.

However, if you are looking for a budget-friendly VPN to keep your online information a little safer, then IPVanish is the get-to-go choice.

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