Leadpages Black Friday Sale 2022 – Get Max Discount

Last Updated on November 22, 2022

Whether you are a digital market, affiliate marketer, or blogger, a professional and eye-catching landing page is required. Leadpages is one of the best platforms for this purpose. Leadpages offers an array of advanced features at a reasonable price. Moreover, this tool can be purchased at a price lower than ever during this Leadpage Black Friday sale.

Leadpages offers their best deals during this occasion, and purchasing the tool can help you to make your landing pages much more attractive. Additionally, Leadpages can also be used to create funnels and generate leads easily.

It is an all-in-one tool that can make your site rank high on search engines. We will guide you step by step to make sure that you can get the best Leadpages discount during this Leadpages Black Friday deal.

Benefits of Choosing Leadpages

Benefits of Choosing Leadpages
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Leadpages is one of the best tools in the market to create attractive landing pages that can be used on websites of every niche.

In addition to creating landing pages, Leadpages also allows users to:

Create Thankyou pages: These are the pages where customers are redirected when they sign up or purchase a product. These pages are just for thanking customers for signing up or purchasing a product.

However, with Leadpages, you can use these pages for other purposes like promoting tripwires, increasing followers on social media, and more.

Create complete websites: Leadpages offers more features than meets the eye. The tool can be used to create responsive and stable websites. Leadpages can be used to create a homepage or other pages of any niche easily.

Free custom domain: By signing up for any of Leadpages’ subscriptions, users can get a free custom domain for a year.

Free hosting: Similar to the free domain, Leadpages also offers free hosting with all of its subscription plans for a year.

Direct leads delivery via Email: Leadpages includes an array of powerful tools that allow users to deliver leads directly via email. To further increase user convenience, Leadpages allows users to create automated emails.

Embed live and recorded Webinars: With Leadpages, you can embed your Webinar sessions, allowing a wider audience to see them.

A/B split testing: Creating the best landing page in the first attempt rarely happens. Split testing is the solution to create successful landing pages, as it allows users to find out which page is performing better.

Accept payments with a checkout form: Leadpages include checkout forms that can be used to accept payment directly on the landing page.

Why Should You Purchase The Tool During Leadpages Black Friday Sale?

Leadpages Black Friday Sale
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Leadpages is a mobile responsive tool for generating leads and can be used with the world’s most popular content management system, aka WordPress. Although the pricing of Leadpages is reasonable, they are slashed by more than half during Leadpage Black Friday sale.

The tool offers three different pricing methods, and a heavy Leadpages discount is given on all of them during this occasion. The subscription to Leadpages can be either made monthly or annually.


  1. Basic plan: $49/mo. 60% off.
  2. Pro plan: $99/mo. 60% off.
  3. Advanced plan: $399/mo. 70% off.


  1. Basic plan: $37/mo. 60% off.
  2. Pro plan: $74/mo. 60% off.
  3. Advanced plan: $299/mo. 70% off

The pricing of Leadpages is some of the best in the market and is lower than ever during this Black Friday sale.

Leadpages Features

The priorities of Leadpages are impressively designed, and as for customization, the tool offers an easy drag-and-drop builder. Furthermore, ESPs (Email Service Providers) are integrated into Leadpages, allowing users to easily capture and nurture leads. Highly converting landing pages can be easily created with Leadpages and do not require the knowledge of coding.

Leadpages Features List

  • Mobile-friendly templates.
  • A/B testing option.
  • Leadpages analytics.
  • SMS opt-in codes & automated SMS conversation.
  • Simple WordPress plugins.
  • SEO-friendly pages.
  • Lead notification.
  • A countdown timer for limited-time offers.
  • Video embedding into Leadpages.
  • Easy email sync service.

Leadpages Customer Support

Although the tool can be bought for a much lower price by using Leadpages coupon codes and Black Friday sales, you may not want to purchase a product with poor customer support.

However, that is not a fact for you to worry about, as Leadpages include excellent customer support. The customer support of Leadpages includes live chat, phone support, or email throughout the clock.

Additionally, Leadpages includes various FAQs, articles, and other helpful materials to quickly solve users’ queries. To further increase customer trust, Leadpages also offers a money-back guarantee of a 7-day money-back guarantee.

Whether you purchase the tool with Leadpages discount codes or during the Black Friday sale, you will get all the features and customer service, as well as a money-back guarantee.

What About Leadpages Cyber Monday Deal?

Leadpages Cyber Monday Deal
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Most of the tools let the same deals run during Cyber Monday, and Leadpages is no exception. The same deal of Leadpages Black Friday can also be seen during Leadpages Cyber Monday deals.

If someone happens to miss the deal or needs some time to consider the offers, they can do so, as the deal is a long-running one.


Is Leadpages SEO-Friendly?

Yes, Leadpages is SEO-friendly, and as a matter of fact, it is one of the best SEO-optimized landing page creation tools in the market. Leadpages have an array of features that targets the keywords and allow the user’s website to rank high on search engines.

What if I Miss The Leadpages Black Friday Sale?

Although the Leadpages Black Friday sale occurs once a year, the very same deals are available on Cyber Monday, meaning you can purchase the tool on Cyber Monday for the very same price. However, if you also happen to miss the Cyber Monday deal, then you will be left with no other option but to wait for next year’s sale or to use the Leadpages promo code.

Is There a Free Trial in Leadpages?

Yes, Leadpages offers a free trial for 14-days on all of its plans. The free trial includes all of the offered features. A 14-day trial is more than enough to completely test the tool and be sure whether it is up to your needs or not.

To Conclude

The features and functions of Leadpages are some of the best in the world, and the very same services are available at a much lower price during Black Friday, making the tool more than worthy enough to consider.

Moreover, all the plans and packages of Leadpages come with 24/7 customer service and a 7-day money-back guarantee. So make the most of the Leadpages Black Friday deals while you can because they only occur once a year.

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