Liquid Web Reviews and Ratings in 2023 – Should You Use It?

Last Updated on November 5, 2022

In the market of Cloud and Web hosting, Liquid Web is one of the major players. Liquid Web is one of the most reputable and premium hosting providers that offer various hosting and add-ons, which are some of the best for eCommerce websites and web applications. One of the main reasons for Liquid Web’s fame is that it targets businesses with the goal of helping them succeed.

Although it may seem like the perfect hosting provider to make your business grow, it is one of the most expensive hosting providers and is mostly suited for business websites.

Purchasing a hosting without knowing whether it will be beneficial or not is not a wise choice. However, with this Liquid Web reviews, you will be sure whether it is for you or not.

To start the Liquid Web reviews, let’s first take a look at its pros and cons.

  • Robust state drive installed on servers
  • Excellent Uptime
  • Fast and helpful customer support
  • High-end server specs
  • Free site migration

  • No shared hosting plan
  • High entry-level price

Liquid Web Pricing

Although Liquid Web offers various clear-to-the-cut hosting plans, their pricing is some of the highest. The managed Liquid Web hosting plan starts at $12.67/mo. While on the other hand, Liquid Web’s most popular VPS hosting plan starts at $25/mo. Moreover, dedicated servers and Public cloud hosting are also available in Liquid Web.

There are four main hosting plans in Liquid Web. Although all the plans offer 10 TB of bandwidth, DDoS protection, and a firewall, by paying extra, you can get your hands on Bundle & Saved hosting package. The package includes an additional 100 GB backup quota, server protection, a Threat Stack Oversight Detection system, and more.

The package includes various helpful features, but the overall costs go much higher including them. However, by using the Liquid Web coupon codes, you can gasp those packages at a much lower cost.

Finding those coupons may be difficult, but it just so happens to be that some of the Liquid Web coupon codes are in our hands.

Use these coupons to get Liquid Web hosting at a lower price.




Use these coupons to get Liquid Web additional packages at a lower price.




However, take note that the Liquid Web refund is only eligible if stated in the SLA of the service, and by contacting customer support, a refund for unused VPS service will be granted.

Make sure to only purchase a hosting service suited for your niche; after all, purchasing the wrong service without the possibility of a refund wouldn’t be ideal.

Long story short, the services of Liquid Web are of enterprise level and can be tucked in almost every direction. Although it is quite expensive, its services are premium and are some of the best and directly target the business to increase the site ranking. As for its expensiveness, you can use the Liquid Web coupon codes to shoot down the prices.

Liquid Web’s Dedicated Hosting

Liquid Web Dedicated Hosting
Image Source: Liquid Web

One of Liquid Web’s strong suits is its managed dedicated server hosting. The dedicated hosting offers single and dual-processor servers and allows customers to choose between fully, core, or self-managed plans. Each plan comes with 250 GB of high-performance solid-state drive storage and a 1TB SATA drive for backup.

Moreover, Liquid Web’s dedicated hosting RAM and bandwidth surpass the competitors and give customers a luxurious environment primed for speed. Not to mention that site owners can further upgrade RAM and disk size, as well as capitalize on add-ons for a cPanel Premier 100 control panel, advanced DDoS protection, and enhanced security any time they like.

Liquid Web’s dedicated hosting features top-of-the-line Cisco equipment, which is designed to bounce back and correct system failure automatically without interrupting the customer’s connection. Furthermore, the network is optimized for rapid and fault-resistant performance and is integrated with premium providers such as Verizon, Level 3, Comcast, Cogent, and Equinix.

The hosting includes feature-rich dedicated resources and reliable technician support. Although its only drawback would be its cost, the hosting stands up to it with its service offerings, 24/7 support, cloud-level flexibility, and performance. 

Liquid Web’s VPS Hosting

Liquid Web’s VPS Hosting
Image source: Liquid Web

Liquid Web is known for its best-in-class technology and reliability that far surpasses both competitors and expectations. One of the main reasons to choose Liquid Web’s VPS hosting is its environmental embody reputation. The hosting can also be managed directly through WordPress and WooCommerce, meaning even beginners can create their own professional and eye-pleasing website with ease.

The VPS hosting is powered by the company’s popular SLAs, meaning a high uptime and heroic support are guaranteed. Moreover, high-powered SSDs are also included, making VPS hosting shine among the other managed hosting in Liquid Web.

Although it is a bit more premium than managed hosting, it stands up to its price with hands-free management, SLAs, and high uptime rates.

Moreover, the VPS hosting also includes RAID-protected SSD storage, which decreases latency and loads the pages quickly and securely. Other than that, a range of management plans and a variety of popular control panels and APIs are also offered. The company also ensures that the customers have infrastructural management support for their site.

The VPS hosting infrastructure is engineered by keeping customer priorities in mind. These solutions are some of the best for users who prefer cloud-like flexibility. Moreover, customers have the freedom to instantly provision and deploy their own virtual server and easily upgrade, downgrade, clone, and resize it.

The VPS hosting is one of the best for easy scaling, screaming-fast speed, custom functionalities, and unparalleled support. As all the hardware is owned by the company and boasts by it, meaning the technological possibilities are pretty much limitless.e

Liquid Web’s WordPress Hosting

Liquid Web’s WordPress Hosting
Image Source: sustainablebusinesstoolkit

WordPress is the world’s best open-source content management system, and when combined with the best-in-class infrastructure and support of Liquid Web, it is pretty much a hosting heaven.

The Liquid Web’s WordPress hosting can be used to run WordPress blogging or business site and is built on VPS infrastructure. Moreover, the hosting rids the site owner’s responsibility to maintain core installations and updates, as well as monitor the server.

Unlike other premium WordPress hosts, Liquid Web does not build packages around monthly visitors or bandwidth usage. Liquid Web does not follow the common habit of up charging to increase visitors. Furthermore, site owners can oversee multiple sites from one intuitive dashboard, gaining insights for uptime and downtime, Analytics, and SEO performance.

The company’s WordPress hosting plan provides the customer with all the performance and customization they want without any frustration. All in all, Liquid Web’s WordPress hosting is one of the best to quickly built a website and make it rank in the market.

Hosting Management – Is it Easy to Use?

Whether you are setting up a custom cloud server with SSDs and want to add block storage and load balancers or just want a hands-free WordPress hosting experience, Liquid Web makes it easy to do so. In tests, both Liquid Web’s reliability and server speed than those of competitors.

The Liquid Web advertised plan comes fully managed with either cPanel, Plex Control, or InterWorx, meaning you only need to take care of application installation and general settings, while Liquid Web will handle the rest.

Liquid Web is an advanced service, but unlike other providers, its VPS service is one of the easiest to use. It is one of the best hostings for eCommerce websites and web applications and offers easy and advanced solutions for powering them.

All in all, Liquid Web’s hostings are impressive and are easy to use and are also some of the best for beginners. Moreover, their reliable customer support team can be used to solve any queries and are no more than just a few clicks or a call away.

Reliability and Support

Liquid Web offers geo-redundancy and disaster recovery support, along with excellent response time in the industry. Moreover, the company follows state-of-the-art technology and includes experienced technicians and boasts high uptime.

Furthermore, the company promises 100% network and uptime and 1000% account credits due for every unplanned outage. The company’s expert support and screaming-fast hardware keep the customer’s website live and performant. Although if the customer does ever get in any trouble, then they can sort it out with the help of Liquid Web’s reliable customer support through live chat or phone calls.

To Conclude

Liquid Web is a premium and one of the best hosting providers and offers various hosting packages and add-ons. Although it is an expensive hosting provider, purchasing the hosting with coupon codes and heavy discounts can be seen in the Liquid Web sale price.

The hostings of Liquid Web are some of the best for eCommerce websites and web applications and offer advanced solutions to power them. Although both beginners and experienced users can enjoy its services, beginners won’t be able to make the best out of the services.

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