Why Does Every Business Need Digital Marketing [2022]

Last Updated on September 3, 2022

Today, we’ll learn everything about the need of digital marketing and how it is important for every individual either big or small business. We’ll understand how we can have the advantages of digital marketing and many other things.

Digital Marketing
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Now answer this question. Do you think businesses can flourish if they keep working on the shop or store model?

Well, certainly not. Although there may be some growth in the business, but not like the way it can be on the online platform.

So now you understand the core need of digital marketing? Let’s elaborate this more.

Need of Digital Marketing

1. Help More People

Suppose you’re a startup that has come up with an innovative solution to a problem. Now, you want people to know about your product. So, in such a situation benefits of digital marketing can be taken into consideration.

For example: There is a company that is helping women get rid of shoe bites. Sounds odd, right? It’s a company that focuses on the consumers of big brands like Zara, Gucci, Louis Vuitton etc. Big brands don’t focus on giving comfort and in the fashion industry, fashion is never comfortable. Hence, this brand made some sense. And you’d not believe that this company’s revenue is estimated to be in the millions.

Now you understand how you can take the advantage of digital marketing and be miles ahead from everyone else.

2. Brand Recognition

After a certain point of time in running your business, you’d ask yourself, “what next?”  This is your inner self asking how to increase sales. To answer this question, your business is in need of digital marketing.

There are enormous advantages of digital marketing and one of them is building strong brand awareness. You might have seen how companies out of nowhere built a presence online and BOOM! Someday, they’re everywhere.

3. Less Time Waste

With Digital Marketing, you can reach more people or better quality people without wasting more time. If you’ve seen sales people reaching out to the audience asking them to listen to them, you know how difficult it is for them.

But, just for a second, think! Is it really beneficial? At the end of the day, sometimes, they are successful but it wastes a lot of time. So, why take the burden on ourselves? Why not invest this time in doing something worth our efforts?

Now on the other hand, if you run an Ad campaign, you can do other tasks as well. And still optimize your Ad campaign alongside. So, this is one of the best advantages of Digital Marketing you must understand.

4. You’ll Get a Direction

There are many companies who want to know how to grow a business and this is where the need of digital marketing lies. Most of the time, when your business model is offline, you get directionless. You follow the advice of the sales people but these people only tell you the strategy where they will get a recurring amount.

Hence, when your business operates online, you’ll have an idea of what your competitors are doing and what you can do. Therefore, before asking about how to grow a business, learn how to improve business. Businesses would only grow when they’re improving.

5. Feedback

Feedback is an important step to grow a business. One of the major benefits of digital marketing is that you can get genuine feedback for your products.

There are some times when offline operated businesses are not able to get proper feedback because of the lack of interaction. But when you’re operating online, you can get reviews and feedback instantly. So, these are some of the reasons why your business needs digital marketing. 

Scope Of Digital Marketing

By now, you might have gotten an idea about the future of Digital Marketing being fruitful. With the heat of internet blooming in the country, let’s check out the scope of Digital Marketing in India.

Digital Marketing is just a way of promoting your services or products online. The fundamentals and understanding of the concept of “marketing” is essential. And after looking at the speed at which people are getting an internet connection every day, we can say that there’s a heck load of the scope of Digital Marketing in the country.

Why You Should Market Digitally?

As of 2022, there are more than 330 Million Facebook users in India. This is a huge number. Almost anything you can think of can be sold to this audience.

Do you realize that a lot of companies are wasting a lot of their money on hiring salesman these days?

Salesman’s marketing strategy is outdated.

As of June 2022, when this article is being written for you, you might have seen a video going viral on the internet where a young salesman in a train was selling toys. You can go on YouTube and check how he made his pitch and connected with the little audience in the train cart.

This is exactly what Digital Marketing does. It lets you connect with your desired audience and you can turn them into your customers.

There are a lot of small scale businesses that have made tremendous amounts of sales with just the right targeting.

Why Digital Marketing Now?

Digital Marketing is a field that will never be static. The moment you think that I’ve learned enough, the very next moment a new update will come and things would change. This is what many Digital marketers would agree to.

Let’s take the example of Indian Digital Marketers.

Some of the major Digital Marketers who started out 8-10 years ago, they had no idea what they were doing. What is the importance and need of digital marketing? They just learned a few things on the internet and saw the results. Now consider yourself in their place.

Most people don’t take the first step in this field because they know the amount of effort it’s going to take. But, if you take the first step, you’ll definitely come forward.

1. Getting a Brighter Future

Digital Marketing is a form of marketing. Now even if you are from a field of fashion, education, entertainment or any sort of business where people need of digital marketing and if you learn how it works, then you can have better chances at succeeding in it.


Because now you would be having a clear idea about what you want to do and why you are learning Digital Marketing. You can learn various Digital Marketing courses in India and be successful at it. But, if you have your mind bent towards something, then you might get hints about your next step during the course.

So let’s take another example. Suppose you’re from a different field and you still haven’t mastered that. But if you have a good understanding of human psychology and know the purchase behavior, then also you can expect amazing jobs or even freelance work.

2. Broad Spectrum

See, Digital Marketing is a broad field. There are various branches of this huge tree – Digital Marketing – like SEO, SMM etc.

Suppose you have an analytical bend of mindset. You’re good at numbers and you can analyze or assume what the results of a certain campaign could be. Then you can choose to go to the PPC branch of Digital Marketing.

If you’re good at the Content part and you think you have a creative mindset, then you can opt for Content Marketing. You can work along with the Designer team and make awesome Social Media Creatives that stand out from the competition.

So, depending on your interest, you can choose any part of Digital Marketing and flourish in it.

How Digital Marketing Works

The way companies are spending millions of dollars every year, it becomes important for us to know how digital marketing works. Every year new players are pumping in money and out of nowhere they’re JUST everywhere. Read this Digital marketing guide carefully and understand how it works.

Cool Fact: As per some stats, the world will be spending $200 Million more on Digital platforms by the year 2023. This means that if you learn Digital Marketing today, you can be one of those who’d be running some of these campaigns.

In the last couple of years, purchasing behavior has changed. The way a person used to purchase something has completely changed. Thanks to Digital marketing, policies have become quite clear now. With the terms and conditions becoming clearer, Digital Marketing has become a must in order to sell more.

Now that you’ve got your excitement uncontrolled, let’s see how Digital marketing works, the types of digital marketing, and everything else.

1. Making New Customers

One of the most common purposes for which you need Digital marketing is for making more sales. In India alone, you have around 1 Billion Facebook users. If you know how to run Facebook ads properly, you can definitely manage to make a handsome amount every day.

So basically, marketing online lets you connect with your desired audience without much work. Unlike the conventional mode of marketing, you don’t have to run behind people to give you time.

But, if you manage to get their attention online, that’s enough. But, this one point can be difficult if you’re learning digital marketing for beginners level. So, you might need some time on that.

Now, before we know how digital marketing works, let’s understand the process of digital marketing.

2. Digital Marketing Process

The process of convincing a visitor to buy your product is what Digital marketing does. There are various ways with which you can target someone based on Facebook or Google etc.

Suppose somebody visited your website. With the help of Facebook Pixel, you can track who has come on your website. Now you get various options to target that same individual if you know how to run Facebook Ads.

But, let’s not go into Facebook Ads. Let’s focus on how Digital Marketing works, generally.

3. Campaign Set-Up

What is Digital Marketing for you can be different for someone else? Depending upon your reason of going for why you need of Digital Marketing, you can choose a campaign type.

There are various types of Digital Marketing campaigns you can opt for

  • Lead Generation
  • Sales
  • Website Visits
  • Store Visits
  • Subscriptions
  • Branding & so on

So, these are some of the purposes you need to ask yourself before making a campaign. A campaign basically tells your Ads platform to understand what it’s asked to do.

4. Content Marketing

No matter what your campaign type is, you need to know content marketing. Hence, develop a content marketing strategy for every platform you’ll be using.

For example, you need to make the content as per the criteria set by Google or Facebook for character limit. You might need to write eye catching lines which can convey your message and don’t mis-lead the audience.

Quick Exercise: You’re heading the Digital Marketing for a healthcare start-up. You want all the people who have visited your website to download your App. So, what would do?

Solution: You can install Facebook Pixel Tracking code on your website and show your Ads to your visitors.

PS: The reason why you’re being given these small exercises is to make you ready for upcoming Digital marketing topics.

5. Audience Set Up

Now that you’re done with writing the content or making the creatives/banners, you need to think about your audience. Although, this step would go hand-in-hand but you can take this up now. A good content marketing strategy can help you ease your load on setting up an audience.

For example: You’re selling beard trimmers. If the product lies in the impulse products category, then you won’t need to focus much on targeting. Just good content and even broad targeting can help.

But this might not work everywhere. A good content marketing strategy is as important as setting up your audience. So, don’t miss out on this.

Now you can set up the audience from either Facebook pixel-like we talked about earlier – for targeting those who have visited your website or a specific page.

6. Budget Set Up

Last but very important step to know how Digital Marketing works. This is the most difficult part of running an Ad campaign.

Pro Tip: Don’t run an Ad campaign with a high budget in the beginning. We know that you’d like your Ad copy or creative a lot. But it doesn’t mean that people would like it too.

So, always run your Ad campaigns on a low budget. If you see that your Ad campaign is performing well, then increase the budget. So, different types of Digital Marketing campaigns may perform differently. Hence, it’s better to test your Ad campaigns on a lower budget and then shift them on a higher budget.


Let’s wrap up! Just like any other form of marketing where we figure out what we want to promote and how we want to do it, we do the same in Digital marketing.

A normal form of marketing is like

  1. Writing Content
  2. Making Poster/Banner
  3. Selecting the budget
  4. Printing it
  5. Pasting it

This is the same in Digital Marketing, but the process is different. Everything is online in Digital Marketing and you can easily keep an eye on the budget, performance, and everything else.

Having said that, this was everything about why you need of digital marketing and also how does it work. This was just an overview of this process. For starters, you can run ad campaigns for your father’s business and see how it works. Once you understand all these combined, you can make better performing Ad campaigns on any platform – Facebook, Google, etc.

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