What’s the Difference Between Nordpass Premium and Free Version?

Last Updated on November 23, 2022

NordPass is among the best password managers in the market. Moreover, the tool offers both NordPass premium and a free version. Both versions are excellent for securing personal information and storing passwords.

However, we all are well aware of how limited free tools can be. Although there is no doubt that the features and functions of the NordPass premium are better than that of the free version, the free version of NordPass is the best get-to-go tool, and the free version may suit you better than the premium.

For you to be sure whether to go with NordPass premium or the free version, we will provide you with a detailed comparison between the two versions.

NordPass Pricing

NordPass Premium and Free Pricing
Image Source: NordPass

The pricing of NordPass divides into two categories’ Business’ and ‘Personal & Family.’ The ‘Business’ plan is suited for businesses and offices as it allows the user to connect up to 250 accounts with a single plan. ‘Personal & Family’ plan, on the other hand, offers two different pricing methods, both plans include all the advanced features, and one of them allows to connect up to six accounts on a single plan, while the other does not allow simultaneous connections, and is only good for those who wants an advance password manager for their personal use.

Both the ‘Business’ and ‘Personal & Family’ plans can be purchased either monthly, annually, or on a two-year basis. 

Business Plan

  • Business: $2.56/mo

Personal & Family Plan

  • Premium: $1.69/mo
  • Family: $2.79/mo

As for NordPass free version, it is only available on the ‘Personal & Family’ plan and can only be used on the installed device. Coming back to NordPass premium plans, they all come with a reassuring money-back guarantee of 30 days, and NordPass cost is one of the best in the market.

NordPass Premium

The premium version of NordPass is one of the best password managers in the tool and uses xChaCha20 encryption, which is much more secure than the industry’s-standard AES-256. Furthermore, NordPass premium has multiple authentication methods and a no-logging policy.

Additionally, biometric authentication is available on devices that support fingerprint and face recognition, allowing users to easily log in to NordPass without using the master password. Speaking of the master password, it is the password that is for logging and customizing NordPass. Although it is an essential feature for security, using biometric authentication is recommended.

The premium version also allows users to perform individual audits. The audit process allows users to examine: security, privacy, process integrity, availability, and confidentiality.

The NordPass premium price is reasonable, and the features and functions offered by it are the reasons that allowed it to be one of the best password managers in the market. 

NordPass Free

Although various limitations are applied to the free version of NordPass, it is still more than capable enough to give some premium password managers a run for their money. The free version of NordPass also follows the same encryption and also has a multiple-authentication factor and no-logging policy. Although the free version of NordPass does not allow for individual audits, frankly speaking, it is not even an essential function for a free password manager.

Moreover, biometric authentication is also included in the free version, and users can choose between either a master password or biometric authentication. Biometric authentication can be used with all compatible devices. Moreover, all the customization options for this feature are the same as NordPass premium.

The NordPass free version is one of the best get-to-go password managers and can be installed on almost any device.

NordPass Security Features 

NordPass Password Management
Image Source: NordPass

NordPass is packed to the core with security features and also allows users to easily customize features to suit their needs. The free version of NordPass also includes an array of features to keep users’ information and passwords secure. However, the functionalities and the library of features of the free version are comparatively lower than the premium version.

Master Password: To start with NordPass, the user will need to first put in a strong password which will be encrypted and will be inaccessible even to the service staff. Only the one who set the password will be aware of it. The password can be used to remove account details. The feature is available in both the free and premium versions.

Automatic Back-Ups: NordPass encrypts the data and makes automated backups for both free and premium version users. The backups are made on a daily basis and ensure users that even if they lose their mobile or computer, their information will remain secure and can be restored with no more than just a single click.

Master Password: The feature is available for both free and premium version users. To start with NordPas, the user will need to first put in a strong password which will be encrypted and will be inaccessible even to the service staff. Only the one who set the password will be aware of it. The password can be used to remove account details.

Multi-Factor Authentication: NordPass supports multi-factor authentication for maximum protection. Moreover, U2F security keys, an OTP generator, a USB stick, and other features are also included in it.

Biometric Authentication: Both free and premium versions NordPass users can allow users to set fingerprint and face IDs on compatible devices. With biometric authentication, NordPass makes it almost impossible for anyone other than the user to access the tool.

Password Generator: The NordPass password generator allows users to choose numbers, symbols, upper-case and lower-case letters, and how long the password should be. Furthermore, the password is memorized by the tool, meaning the user won’t need to go out of their way to take note of the password, and the tool is integrated into both free and premium versions.

Password Health Checker: Nord offers a password health checker to its premium version users. The tool checks whether it is weak or strong. Additionally, this feature also tells whether the password is reused multiple times on different accounts and whether the password has been changed over 90 days or not.

Emergency Access: The tool offers emergency access to its premium users. The feature allows users to give read-only access to the passwords of their closest contacts. The emergency access acts as a last resort method in case the user forgets or loses their master password. However, this function is only available in NordPass’s premium edition.

Auto-Saving and Auto-Filling: Both the free and premium version of NordPass includes this feature, and by granting NordPass permission, it automatically saves the password and automatically fills in the information when logging in on accounts.

Credit Card Information Storage: NordPass securely stores the user’s card information and offers this feature on both free and premium versions. For instance, if the user is shopping online, they can fill in their card details with no more than just a single click.

Unlimited Password Storage: NordPass allows users to store unlimited passwords and offers this feature to both versions of users. Moreover, NordPass is one of the few password managers that allows users to store unlimited passwords.

NordPass: Customer Support

NordPass offers 24/7 live chat customer support to both its free and premium version users. In addition to the live chat support, NordPass also includes various helpful resources for users to help them solve hows.

The customer support of NordPass is reliable and can be accessed throughout the clock. The NordPass support can easily and quickly solve any queries regarding the password manager and is available for both free and premium version users.


1. Is NordPass good for Android?

Yes, NordPass is good and reliable for Android devices. Moreover, both its free and premium versions are among the best password managers for Android. The tool offers both its free and premium versions to Android users, and its interface is also user-friendly, and room for customization is also open.

2. Is NordPass’s free version good?

Yes, the free version of NordPass is good. It is one of the best get-to-go password managers that you can get your hands on without any cost. Moreover, the free version can store unlimited passwords, credit card information, and various other information that you may not want to get leaked.

3. Can NordPass be hacked?

NordPass have robust security credentials and uses end-to-end encryption, and does not leave any cracks on the user’s account. Furthermore, the tool uses xChaCha20 encryption which is better and faster than AES-256.

To Conclude

NordPass includes various robust security features and offers them at a reasonable price. Moreover, it is much easier to use than the other password managers and also has a user-friendly interface. The tool is also compatible with most devices and also offers a browser extension for free.

The main difference between the NordPass premium and the free version is their additional functions and simultaneous connections. The free version of NordPass can only be used on the installed device. Although there is no room for simultaneous connections, and the features are also limited in the free versions, it is more than secure enough to be trusted with your information.

NordPass premium, on the other hand, is the choice to go with if you want a password manager for multiple devices. Moreover, the NordPass premium cost is reasonable and a money-back guarantee of 30 days follows all of its plans.

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