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Last Updated on November 10, 2022

NordVPN is among to most renowned and one of the most affordable VPNs in the market. Although NordVPN subscription prices are some of the lowest in the market, the provider further lowers the prices with NordVPN promo codes. From the start, NordVPN has been dropping various eye-catching deals that allowed it to reach a wider audience and also allowed it to place its name high in the best VPNs list.

Other than NordVPN promo codes, the provider also gives a heavy discount in various other ways. For example, the provider offers one of the best NordVPN deals and slashes 40% off on the subscription prices for those who are purchasing the VPN for the first time.

Moreover, NordVPN is compatible with various platforms and offers fast connection, strong protocols, and dedicated features for anonymous browsing.

Should I Buy NordVPN?

Should I Buy NordVPN
Image Source: NordVPN

There is no denying that NordVPN has a lot to like. For instance, its blazing fast connection fast, robust security features, obfuscated servers, and more.

NordVPN includes WireGuard (NordLynx), OpenVPN, and IKEv2/IPSec as its security protocols. These security protocols are some of the best in the market and guarantee to keep users’ data and their devices safe on any connection and on any site.

NordVPN further increases the user’s online and device security with threat protection, an automatic kill switch, Onion over VPN, and a strict no-logging policy. All the features do an impressive job of keeping users’ data secure and also offer them a wide room for easy customization.

NordVPN also has a global server presence and includes over 5000 servers. All the servers are encrypted with the next-generation AES-256-GCM encryption and include a 4096-bit DH key. The speed on both NordVPN’s close and distant servers is impressive and also allows users to browse the internet anonymously.

NordVPN is one of the top VPNs in the market and does not have any bandwidth limitations. Purchasing it cannot be a bad call, as the VPN allows users to:

  • Unblock geo-blocked content.
  • Anonymous browsing and streaming.
  • P2P activities.
  • Torrenting.
  • Connect six devices simultaneously to a single plan.

NordVPN Coupon Codes

NordVPN provides reliable service and an impressive array of features at an affordable cost. Various NordVPN offers and coupon codes are also included, allowing customers to save more money on their service.

Take advantage of the Coupon Codes

  • 69% off on a 2-year plan
  • 60% off on a 1-year plan 
  • 30% off on the monthly plan

How to Use Nordvpn Coupon Codes?

NordVPN promo codes are case-sensitive, meaning you will need to put in the exact code to redeem them. Follow these easy steps to apply NordVPN promo coupons.

Step 1: Open your browser and go to NordVPN’s official website, and on the top right side, click ‘Get NordVPN.’

Step 2: Read the plan differences and select one that suits you best.

Step 3: Once you have selected a plan, you’ll be directed into the pay page. Fill in the required information, such as the email and the payment method; take note that NordVPN can also be purchased with cryptocurrency.

Step 4: Review your order summary and below the total price, click on ‘got a coupon and enter the coupon.

Step 5: After the coupon gets applied, complete the payment getaway and install the VPN on your devices.

NordVPN’s Refund Policy

NordVPN includes a 30-day money-back guarantee on all of its plans and allows users to get a refund for any reason or no reason at all. Whether you have purchased the VPN with a discount or at the original price, you are free to cancel the subscription within the refund period.

However, take note that in the refund policy, NordVPN mentions that if a user is facing any issue, they’d like to resolve it before granting a refund. Nonetheless, if you are unsatisfied with the VPN’s, you can get a refund spending hours answering questions.

NordVPN’s Customer Support

NordVPN Customer Support
Image Source: GoBestVPN

NordVPN offers users reliable customer support that can be used to solve any queries regarding the VPN. The customer support of NordVPN is available via live chat, email, as well as direct phone calls.

The customer support of NordVPN gives instant replies and can be used to quickly solve queries, whether it may be of a VPN’s feature or of future updates. The live chat support of NordVPN features a bot that gives instant and accurate answers.


1. How to cancel a NordVPN subscription?

Whether you want to purchase a different package or just want to cancel your subscription, you can do so by contacting NordVPN’s friendly support team. 

A complete refund will be given to the original payment method within two or three business days, and the account will also be canceled.

Take note that although NordVPN offers a generous money-back guarantee for 30-day, you will not get a refund if the days are passed. Moreover, NordVPN first tries to resolve the customer’s issues. Nonetheless, if you don’t want to continue your subscription, you can cancel it and can get a complete refund within the refund period.

2. Is there a lifetime subscription to NordVPN?

No, NordVPN does not offer any plans for a lifetime subscription; the longest plan of NordVPN goes up to 2 years without making any purchases in between. Although NordVPN does not have a lifetime subscription, it is not necessarily a con. Compared to other providers that offer their VPN for a lifetime are often shady and may mischief with users’ personal information.

3. What country owns NordVPN?

NordVPN is based in Panama and has over 14 million worldwide users. NordVPN’s company was established in 2012 and boasts over 170 security specialists, programmers, and information technologists.

4. Is NordVPN actually private?

NordVPN puts heavy encryptions on users’ data, making it illegible to snoopers. Furthermore, NordVPN also does not keep any record of users’ online activity or of their payment information. However, take note that this does not entirely mean that the VPN user is unreachable. Internet Service Providers (ISPs), websites, and government can figure out whether a VPN is being used or not. 

5. Does NordVPN speed gets affected if it reaches the maximum connection?

No, NordVPN connection speed and features do not shake even when the connection device reaches its limit. Up to six devices can be simultaneously connected with any plan of NordVPN, and all of them can enjoy fast connection speed and robust features without any issues.

To Conclude

NordVPN offers excellent services at a reasonable price, and you can further lower that by using NordVPN promo codes. Other than promo codes, the NordVPN sale is also one of the best times to get your hands on one of the world’s best VPNs at a much lower cost.

All the plans of NordVPN follow a 30-day money-back guarantee and allow users to connect up to six devices simultaneously. Other than the VPN, the providers also offer various other services, such as NordPass, NordLayer, and NordLocker, which are for additional security, password management, and cloud storage. NordVPN promo codes and discount also applies to these services. To get them for the best price, users can purchase them with the VPN.

All in all, the services and prices of NordVPN are one of the best, and you can enjoy the very same services of the VPN by using its coupon codes and discounts.

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