ProtonVPN Review & Test 2022: Is It Safe to Use [Detailed Analysis]

Over the past few years, the VPN market has been booming with paid and free VPNs, and the competition is sky-high. There is one free VPN that has made its name in the market for ensuring the user’s privacy and security, access to geo-restriction sites, and also numerous features to play with.

Without a doubt, Proton is one of the best free-to-use VPNs that has many features and can even go up against some of the best premium VPNs in the market. It’s counted in the best VPNs so it’s important to make a protonVPN review and help the audience choose to right VPN for them.

How to use ProtonVPN?

There are few points that one should conduct to use ProtonVPN that include-

  1. Installing and setting up the ProtonVPN
  2. Downloading the VPN configurations
  3. Connect with ProtonVPN.

It is easy to connect with ProtonVPN and same is with its disconnecting procedure.If one comes to a resolution to disconnect with this VPN the only thing one has to do is to click on the disconnect option.

ProtonVPN Review – Detailed Analysis

Proton is considered to be one of the best free VPNs for several reasons like giving access to blocked sites, incredible speed, leak protection, VPN for torrenting support, multiple servers, great privacy, and more easy-to-use features.

Short on Time? Here is a Quick ProtonVPN Review.

1. Security features: It offers responsive and customizable security features such as split tunneling, kill switch, ad & malware blocker, and more customizable features.

2. Protocols: It uses L2TP/IPSec, IKEv2, WireGuard, and OpenVPN and allows users to access a variety of restricted content without harming the connection speed or their online information.

3. Speed: ProtonVPN speed is one of the very best as 0% of speed is lost in the close-range server while only 16% of speed is lost in the faraway servers.

4. Unblocking geo-restricted sites and streaming libraries: ProtonVPN review are booming with praises as it is one of the few VPNs which allow users to stream restricted content anonymously.

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1. Giving access to blocked sites

In the free VPN market, it’s not easy to review ProtonVPN because it offers a wide range of advance features in the free version. Proton is one of the few that can unlock so many sites without any issues. It not only allows the user to be able to access blocked websites but also enhances their browsing.

However, the free version of Proton is very limited as it offers only a handful of servers to choose from, and the speed is also average.

Big streaming platforms like Netflix can detect that you are using a VPN, and then your account could get suspended or even banned. So, the free servers of Proton do not allow you to use this power forever, and at a point, you will only be able to explore region libraries and specific content if you are not using the premium version.

Speaking of the premium version, it unlocks a whole bunch of streaming platforms and other sites and obviously gives you access to many more servers with enhanced speed and security. 

Proton is available for almost every device, whether it be mac, windows, routers, or even smart TV. The VPN can run smoothly in them and also gives similar features to every device.


2. Incredible Proton VPN Speed

ProtonVPN free review provides the user a great clarity to differentiate it from other VPNs in term of speed. Proton VPN provides great speed, but the speed drops down in distant servers, meaning if you connect to a server closer to your country, then the speed would be way better than the one far from your location.

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It is the biggest downside for the users that uses the free version of this VPN because there are already very unlimited servers to choose from, and with this, the server section becomes even more limited.

However, it is not as big of a problem as it sounds because there are still plenty of servers to play that give high speed to the users and allow them to browse through different websites smoothly. In addition, it also provides the user with unlimited data to play with.

While talking about speed, let’s also discuss how the speed of the premium version goes. It is obvious that the premium version has better speed than the free versions as the P2P is also available in the premium version, which means that the users can share and receive files at high speed.

3. Leak Protection

Most of the servers in this VPN are encrypted with a high-grade leak protection that ensures the safety of the user’s IP address and other vulnerable information. It also has a strict no-logs data policy, DNS leak test, kill switch and other essential features which ensure that the user’s data won’t get leaked or hacked.

ProtonVPN Privacy
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Free servers of this VPN also have high-grade encryption which ensures the safety of the free version users. However, most of these features come in the premium version, and only a handful of them can be seen in the free one. Though, it is not like your data will leak if you do not have the premium version.

As for the premium version, it takes full guarantee of your data protection with its advanced and reliable features and also with its high-end encrypted servers. Another nice thing about it would be that there are no third-party DNS servers which means that every server in this VPN is provided by Proton, and it eliminates the chances of hackers or companies intercepting with your data.

Proton is one of the best VPNs, which has impressive leak protection in its both premium and free version. Even in the free version, it is excellent for ensuring the safety of the user’s identity.

4. Supports Torrenting

As the VPN offers a range of servers to choose from and most of them provide the user with high speed and also allow them to browse torrent sites safely. Most of the torrenting sites are restricted in many countries and regions, which do not allow the users to access them. However, it is not much big of a problem and can be easily overcome by using a server where torrent sites are not blocked, and Proton is well suited for this job.

Proton has already become one of the VPNs that is being highly used for torrenting. As it provides unlimited data and a high-speed connection, which makes it an ideal choice for all the users that love torrenting.

As for its premium version, it provides the user with even more servers to play with, and almost every single one of them allows torrenting. 

Selecting a server that supports torrenting is an easy task for Proton. As it has Plus servers which are marked with a double arrow sign which shows that the servers support torrenting and are also safe for it.

Overall, Proton is a great choice that supports torrenting and also ensures that the user’s precious data won’t leak out.

5. Several Servers

Proton offers a wide variety of servers that goes up to 1500 servers in 60+ countries. In addition, it also provides P2P servers, Supports Tor, and Secure Core, which works in the following ways…

1. P2P: It is a network protocol that allows the user to search and download content, and every person that is connected through P2P can share and receive data through multiple locations rather than one.

2. Tor: It is a feature that is controlled by several different authorities, which is way better than being controlled by a single authority. However, It is less friendly and is also much slower and more complex. Tor is only recommended for experienced users who know how to bring the best out of this feature.

3. Secure Core: As the name suggests, secure cores deliver the user’s traffic through multiple networks. It is an advanced feature that monitors the network traffic and ensures that the browsing activity won’t be leaked.

4. Plus: Plus servers are optimized for streaming and are also able to unlock several platforms. It also makes sure to provide the user with high speed and ensure the safety of their browsing activity.

However, the catch is that most of these servers are not available for the free version, so if you want to use them, you will need to purchase the premium version. It is not like there is nothing for free in Proton, it gives the user several free safe, and secure servers to choose from, which also enhances their browsing activity.

6. Privacy 

One of the main reasons to use a VPN is to ensure your privacy, and Proton is an excellent choice for ensuring the user’s privacy.

Proton-VPN Privacy
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With its zero access encryption, Proton ensures that nobody, not even the VPN itself, can decode or share any of your information. If we talk about security there are a lot of other VPNs in market to compete like- VyprVPN which can also be an good option.

Proton also has a high grade encryption to almost all of its servers, secure core, and kill switch, which works in the following ways

1. High grade encryption: almost every server in Proton has high-grade encryption, which ensures that if a hacker or company is trying to access your data, then they will have to go through this encryption which is almost impossible to crack.

2. Secure core: It is an additional security feature to the servers, which is also known as multi-hopping.

3. Kill switch: It is one of the most advanced features in the VPN, which makes it almost impossible for your data to leak. As it keeps an eye on the connection while you browse and if the data goes down, it quickly cuts the connection making sure that your device isn’t getting hacked or your data is not going to leak.

Proton Free Version vs Premium

Proton is one of those VPNs that offers many great features in the free version, but those features enhance in the premium version. However, Proton is a little expensive compared to the rest of the VPNs as ProtonVPN price starts from $5 while the others are lesser in price. It also has a few payment options to choose from.

As the VPN offers some great features for free, so buying the premium version is not necessary. We made sure to make this ProtonVPN review as much clear and unbiased as we can, so that your money wouldn’t go in waste and it delivers the desired results.

Is ProtonVPN safe?

Yes, both its free and premium versions are 100 % safe and can efficiently run on almost every device.

However, Proton protects you from malware attacks and secures privacy and security, but it takes no responsibility if the user fills their information on a shady website.

Is Proton good for Gaming and Streaming?

Yes, Proton is good for gaming and streaming but keep in mind to keep using the nearest server for high speed, which is essential for both gaming and streaming.

For gaming, you would want your ping to be as low as possible because pings refer to the time data takes to travel, and 100 ms is an average ping.

As for streaming, you should go with the server that has the highest speed, as it will make sure that you don’t get any buffer while watching your favourite movie or show.

ProtonVPN Review: Conclusion

Proton is a simple-to-use VPN, as it supports almost every device and is also user-friendly. The servers are fast and easy to connect with just one tap, and the other features are also user-friendly and easy to use and can also be customized to the user’s liking in the settings.

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