10 Best Social Media Optimization Strategies (with Tools)

Last Updated on September 3, 2022

10 Best Social Media Optimization Strategies (2022)

1. Understanding Your Audience

Now that you have an Instagram or Facebook page for your business, you need to understand some things.

2. Understand What Kind of Audience You Want on Your Page

If you have a meme page, then you would most likely want to target youth. People who understand your language well and are up to date with what’s happening in the world.

If you have a page that sells clothing accessories, then your audience could be different.

3. Understanding Your Brand Identity

When you are producing content for your social media, you need to play with colors. So, playing with colors for a new brand can be easy. But if you have been in the offline market and you have a big name, then you must not directly play with your identity.

Brand Identity
Credit: superside


Here are a few things to keep in mind while finding your brand identity:

  1. Play with colors – find what color fits your brand
  2. Select a font and make it your identity
  3. Have a favicon or a brand representative – Mascots could be one of them

So keep these things in your mind while working on your brand identity. Once you’re well versed with these three factors, you’ll be fit to know how to do social media marketing.

4. Understanding Your Audience’s Needs

Having a million or more followers on IG doesn’t matter unless you have a  proper Instagram marketing strategy.

Know Audience Needs
Credit: eBusiness Talks


Here are a few Instagram Marketing Strategy mistakes:

  1. You’re not producing enough content
  2. You only use Instagram to sell something
  3. Valuable content is missing on your page
  4. Your page feels like a scam page
  5. You don’t interact with your audience
  6. You are leaving spammy comments on people’s profiles

These are some of the most common Instagram Marketing strategies that people are making.

So along with this, there’s something very important that goes along with any other social media platform – Followers.

5. Followers on Social Media

How important are followers on your social media? There are many websites that sell followers at the price of junk, but are they worth it? Certainly not.

Do not run after followers. Run after producing more and more content. Do not miss engaging with your followers you have.

Pro Tip: Your existing followers are the key to your new followers.

The key to having a good follower cycle is to produce content, give value to your followers, and make them feel like they’re respected on your page and that’s it.

6. How to Sell to Your Followers

You can create stories on Facebook and Instagram and sell your products.

No! That’s not how you should sell. One of the best Instagram Marketing Strategy is to not sell anything at all. Can you recall the last time you purchased something after seeing an Ad on the internet?

Research says that 89% of the people would buy it if their family is recommending it to them. 85% of the people will buy it if their teachers are recommending it. So, do you see the graph? If you want to sell something, you need to make them feel like you’re not just selling, you’re solving a problem. This is exactly where social media gives you freedom.

Use social media to showcase how your product has the ability to solve a problem people are facing. You can use all the platforms available like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, & LinkedIn.

Facebook is more like Pay and Play. The organic reach is as good as dead now. But, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t post on that platform. If you know your target audience and know how to run Facebook Ads, then you can surely get high ROIs.

7. New Digital Marketing Opportunity for Everyone

Do you know who the parent company of WhatsApp is?

It is Facebook. Facebook acquired WhatsApp for $19 Billion. It is a huge amount. There are more than 1.5 billion WhatsApp users in the world. Recently, Facebook told everyone that they’re thinking of introducing Ads on WhatsApp.

Now, do you see where it is going?

Not everyone uses Facebook or knows how to use Instagram. But they definitely use WhatsApp. And when WhatsApp is going to have Ads in its UI, it’s going to be an amazing opportunity for social media marketing for small businesses. These small businesses would be able to target people more specifically region-wise and it’s going to change the way Digital Marketing has been.

Now, even if you don’t know how to use Social Media for marketing, then also you can still be prepared to use WhatsApp for advertising in your local area.

8. Social Media Optimization Tools

So if you are serious about your business and want to boost your revenue, then you must have these Social Media Optimization Tools.

These tools would not only help you make a brand, but also give you an understanding of how big social media is.

Check the list of Social Media Optimization Tools below:

  •  Canva

It is a freely available tool that helps you make creatives and add texts with super cool backgrounds. The app also has an in-built image search bar where you can find stock images.

Credit: Canva


The app comes with both free and paid versions. But if you are genuinely serious about taking your business to the next level, you should invest in Canva. This is one of the best Social Media Optimization Tools we can recommend if you don’t know how to use Adobe Photoshop.

You can create your own Instagram Marketing Strategy with the in-built templates and customize the colors and layout as per your choice.

  •  Hootsuite

If you’re one of those who are generally busy throughout the day working and hustling, closing some deals and you don’t have time to check your phone unless you’re on your bed, then you must check Hootsuite. There surely is the right time to post your content on social media. And if you miss out on these timings, then you could miss out on your next customer(s).

Credit: OKO Digital


This is where Hootsuite comes to your rescue. It’s one of the finest social media management tools that schedule your posts as per the goals you have. The tool has both free and paid versions. The free version can add up to 3 social media accounts per user and the paid version can have more.

Optimizing your social media can’t be any better with any other tool than Hootsuite. There will come a time when you would have to post late in the night or even early in the morning as per your Instagram Marketing strategy and this is where you’ll find Hootsuite to be the best.

  • AgoraPulse

Social Media Optimization is not just about making a template for your content and posting creatives and videos in that template. It is more than that.

Credit: software pundit


When you’re going to different social media platforms for marketing and presence, you’ll find it difficult to see the statistics of your social media handles. This is where AgoraPulse helps you out. This social media optimization tool helps you in managing all of your social media handles from one dashboard. You can see your reports within one click and get results on the go.

The tool comes for three reasons – small businesses, agencies, and large brands. Many companies use social media optimization tools and don’t directly use the prescribed applications because of the ease of making reports.

  •  InShot

Videos are the future of the internet. A report says that by the year 2024, 90% of the attention will shift to videos. Nobody wants to read anything unless you’re their favorite author or writer or if it’s something helpful in their lives.

Credit: TechUnwrapped


This is why in order to get people’s attention, you need to start shifting on videos. Videos are going to define the future of marketing.

If you don’t know video editing, then you can use InShot App. This app gives you an easy panel to manage, edit and make videos in the app. You can add music, effects, text, stickers, and many other things to make your video look beautiful.

If you’re just a beginner in video making, then InShot is the best social media management tool we can recommend to you.

If you start making videos today and post 3 videos per week, then you’ll be ahead of your competition by the time this year ends.InShot also offers a wide range of video formats and canvas sizes. You can make videos of different dimensions for different purposes like story format, and 1080×1080 pixel sizes.

Now, let’s come back to optimizing your social media handles.

9. Create a Monthly Social Media Calendar

A social media calendar helps in organizing your posts and gives you a clear idea of how to implement your agenda to your audience. For similar social platforms, have a common calendar. On other such platforms such as LinkedIn, you can tweak your existing social media calendar. 

You won’t have to learn how to use social media for marketing if you present your agenda and services clearly in 20-25% of your creatives and videos.

10. Stay up to Date on Current Affairs

People love to see their profiles loaded with content related to what’s currently happening in the real world. When you use current affairs to make creatives or videos, it is known as Content Marketing. One of the great online ways to market your product.

You may use some social media management tools such as Canva to make creatives for this purpose.

For Example: You can see how Amul has been making relevant creatives and comics for such a long time now. They use their mascot Amul girl and form so relatable comics that people love to see.

amul creative

If you use social media management tools wisely, you won’t have to worry about followers or engagement. 

Having a proper Social Media calendar is a good Instagram marketing strategy or for other platforms as well. But, if you’re up to date with these forms of marketing, then you’ll always have an advantage over your competitors.

So these are some helpful ways that can optimize your social media handles the right way. Start implementing these strategies in your business online and see your business grow.

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