5 Effective Social Media Optimization Techniques for Faster Growth

Last Updated on September 5, 2022

“Products are made in the factory, but brands are created in the mind.” – Walter Landor

Social Media is one of the best free ways with which you can create a brand. It takes nothing but a normal phone with a decent camera to make a brand out of nothing. Today, we’re going to talk about Social Media Optimization techniques along with this, we’ll also be setting up Facebook for business. So stay tuned.

Quick Exercise: List 5 Social Media strategies that you think any brand must follow.

Social Media runs on just two things – value and entertainment.

Value can change from time to time but entertainment always remains constant. No matter what you do, people would always click that cat video than click on your video.

So, what should you do? Now that you know that the market is filled with animal videos, TikTok videos, and all sorts of other videos, what do you think should you do?

This is why we are writing this blog to tell you why Social Media is important and why you must be learning Social Media Optimization techniques.

Let’s focus on Social Media Optimization first. 

Social Media Optimization 

Social Media Platforms
Image Source: Internet World

Social Media Optimization refers to branding your social media channels wherein the colors, font, message style and everything else represents your brand culture, values, and trust.

Okay, so this was the definition of Social Media Optimization which you should know before proceeding further.

There are a lot of Social Media Optimization tools in the market that we don’t recommend to you at all. Why? Because most of the social media optimization tools are not worth your money and even time. But that doesn’t mean we’re saying no to social media management tools as well. 

Social Media Management Tools like Buffer and Hootsuite are fine, but what exactly are social media optimization tools?

There are a lot of these tools which are running in the market for a long time now but nobody knows what exactly they do.

How to Optimize Social Media

This can be a good question to start with. Let’s take an example for this one.

Example: Suppose you have an Instagram page where you want to sell clothes or accessories for women. Now, you posted some pictures of your products and you’re running advertisements on them – consider it as a normal Instagram Marketing Strategy and this is Social Media Marketing for small businesses.

You gained some 500 followers from your advertisements and a buckload of DMs for prices etc.

Now, all of a sudden you started posting your selfies, pictures of you driving a car, showing off your new watch, etc.

What do you think would happen?

Your followers would start unfollowing you!

And you won’t understand why it’s happening.

So, what do you think is the problem here? The first problem was not understanding why you have an audience.

Facebook Optimization

Image Source: The Indian Express

Facebook is one of the best platforms to be active on. So, learn the best way to optimize Facebook for an amazing online presence.

1. Starting With a Page Name

Take some time to think about your Facebook page name. In case you write down an irrelevant Facebook name, you may change it. But, remember that there are limitations by Facebook while changing the name.

So be sure what you’re choosing and ask yourself whether you’d be able to keep it for long or not.

2. Edit Your Page Info

Write down all the essentials to be filled in your Facebook page’s info and bio section. Write amazing copy that appeals to the viewers.

Make sure you include relevant keywords in your About Us section. Give a short description and strategically place keywords in it. Your page’s name will be available in the title bar.

The title bar, if it has some keywords in it that correspond to your brand would help in improving your Off Page SEO. During Facebook optimization, make sure you’ve already completed these tasks beforehand.

3. Upload Facebook Profile Picture and Cover Image

Almost all social media optimization techniques start with an amazing profile picture, cover image, and content. The optimum size of a Facebook profile picture is 1080×1080 pixels and for the cover picture, it is 820×312 pixels.

So, here you can write your brand tagline. Write why your brand exists and focus on influencing people.

4. Optimize Your Facebook Posts’ Description

Many people miss out on writing something meaningful in their posts’ descriptions. The first 18 characters of your Facebook posts’ descriptions could help in improving your Off Page SEO.

Don’t be one of these people who don’t write anything in the caption area. Facebook Optimization is a process that goes alongside every activity on your page.

5. Create a Facebook Group

No matter what sort of a business you have. Having a Facebook Group helps us in various ways. We all know how Facebook has decreased the reach of various pages. But that is not the same with Facebook Groups.

If you have made a post on your page and shared it in your Group, you might reach more people organically.

So, this is how Facebook Optimization is done. Make sure you’re using trends that are coming and going. Keep on updating your content and keep up with the checklist we’ve provided and that’s it.

Instagram Optimization

Image Source: India

Instagram has more than 1 Billion active people online. If you are not aware of how to use this application the best way, we will help you optimize Instagram. This part will basically tell you how to use Instagram for marketing.

1. Switch to a Business Profile on Instagram

This is the first step of optimizing an Instagram account. This option helps you understand your audience based on different demographics, regions, and other metrics. You’ll figure out how many followers are increasing & decreasing on your page.

2. Select a Username (Which Can Be Changed Later)

Select a username that can be easily recognized, and remembered, and makes an image of what you do. 

3. Upload a Display Picture

The display picture is round in shape. So even if you’re making a logo for Instagram, try to fit it inside a circular shape. Usually, the size which is uploadable on Instagram is 180×180 pixels. So, it’s better if you upload a high-quality image that has circular content in it.

4. Write an Interesting and Informative Bio

Try to write all sorts of informative content in your bio. The character limit is set to 150 only. So be sure you spread your message and make everything clear to anyone who visits your page.

5. Take Advantage of Link Insertion

Instagram doesn’t allow the insertion of directly clickable links in the post, descriptions, or comments. So, in case you want people to visit an outside website, you can add those links to your bio.

6. Share Images and Videos With Different Colors

Instagram started out as an image and video sharing app. So, even today, Instagram functions as an app to share images along with videos.

In order to get more clicks on your videos or photos, make an amazing, clickable cover image. Add the cover image in your video and select the portion in the “Cover” section while uploading your video. Make your images and videos look aesthetic.

7. Instagram Stories

Did you know that 62% of businesses say Instagram Stories prompt Direct messages from customers.

This is how you can best understand how to use Instagram for marketing. Leverage Instagram stories by adding polls, and scrolling bars, and use various other options to market your products and services.

Each story goes for about 15 seconds and in this time, you can produce appealing content.

8. Instagram Highlights

If you’re creating a series of stories on your page. Then you can add those stories to your Highlights section which will save your stories. You can catch up on your stories anytime by going to the Highlights section which is accessible to everyone. This is also one of the best ways on how to use Instagram for marketing.

If you know how setting up Facebook for Business is done, then connect Instagram with your page and you’re good to go.

If you completely optimize your Facebook and Instagram, then you know almost 90% of Social Media Optimization techniques.

Now that you know how to use Instagram for marketing, let’s start with Twitter now.

Twitter Optimization

Image Source: Tv9hindi

Twitter is also one of the most important platforms where you must market. Let’s see how to optimize Twitter.

1. Character Limit

The normal character limit on a Twitter post is 280 characters. So post content under this limit only.

2. Twitter Bio

Twitter is all about the character limit. Here you get 160 character limit to fit in your content. Write why your brand is needed in the market and always end with a CTA.

3. Optimize your Pictures

Pictures – be it profile pictures or your normal page posts – must be optimized for mobile. Make creatives and see if they’re visible from mobile or not.

So, optimizing Twitter is more of optimizing your text under the limit and making your pictures stand out from the crowd.

4. Use Hashtags

Twitter is the father of Hashtags. Hashtags trended from Twitter. So no matter what you’re posting, in order to increase your reach and visibility, make sure you’re using Hashtags.

5. URL Insertion

Twitter has an option to add a website. To get more people’s email addresses, use it to your advantage. Give a free e-book for the exchange of an email address by this option. 

LinkedIn Optimization

Image Source: LinkedIn

When it comes to finding a job or even being connected with people, most of the professionals use LinkedIn. LinkedIn is one of the best platforms to get more clients and even find amazing jobs. Let’s see how to make a good LinkedIn profile.

1. Selecting a Profile Picture

For an amazing LinkedIn profile for a business, you must always try to use your Brand Logo in the Profile Picture section.

2. Optimizing About Section

This is that part of your LinkedIn profile that tells others about your brand. Make sure you include your relevant keywords wisely. This will also help in your Off Page SEO. You don’t need Social Media Optimization Tools to do that. It just takes your skills. Pure skills.

3. Create Content

Nobody follows blank pages on any social media platform. The same goes for LinkedIn. If you’re not producing content, then you’ll be out of context. So, in order to know how to make a good LinkedIn profile, make sure you’re updating people with good content.

4. Engage With Your Audience

This one goes out for all the platforms. Start engaging with people through comments, and likes and take part in discussions. This helps build trust amongst your audience and you’ll most likely get new business.

So that’s it. If you also want to know how to make a good LinkedIn profile, then follow the steps we told you.

Pinterest Optimization

Image Source: Tremplin Numerique

Pinterest is a very popular social media platform that people and marketers are using to get ideas and share their content. The way Pinterest made people “pin” pictures online rather than making them offline is commendable.

Pinterest has received more than 100 Billion pins on their website. Every month, Pinterest is receiving 700 Million+ visitors. That’s a good number for a website that was made in 2008. Let’s see how to use Pinterest for an amazing Social Media Presence.

1. Switch Over to a Business Account

If you’re looking to run Pinterest Ads or want to use Pinterest to get social shares or even add links to Pinterest descriptions, then all of these could be done via a Business account.

There’s another reason why Pinterest is loved by marketers is because of the amazing traffic from this website and added PR boost as well.

2. Add Your Business Details

No matter who you are, your identity is important for your content consumers. Here you need to fill in the About Us section and let people know why you should be followed and what your content means. Tell them you like coffees or you own a German Shepherd. 

3. Pin Uploading Strategy

Now that you have created a Business account on Pinterest, make sure whenever you’re uploading a pin, you provide a backlink to your website. This is the best way how to use Pinterest.

4. Manage Your Boards on Pinterest

This is the best way to decorate your Pinterest account. Now whenever you’re uploading specific pictures on Pinterest, make sure you’re leveraging the Boards option.

Suppose you have been making and uploading pictures on Diwali, then make sure you’ve pinned the Diwali Board on the top of your profile so that it catches more attention. So this way, you can better understand how to use Pinterest once you’re getting used to these things.

5. Optimize Images for SEO

Just like SEO has become the backbone of any website, your images are your SEO for your Pinterest account. So, you must optimize the images for a better searchability on Google & other search engines.

Here you can also do some experiments with Rich Pins. Rich Pins are the pins that have more details of the products or things in your Pins.

6. Important: Use Pinterest Blog

No website owner wants its users to leave their website. Although Pinterest is an amazing website to get backlinks. But, that’s not what Pinterest really offers. Pinterest has recently introduced its Blog section. In the Blog section, you can add relevant blogs and upload suitable Pins in it.

This way, in case somebody likes your Pin, they won’t have to leave Pinterest to read your article.

Also, note that Pinterest may push your Pin at the top if you’re using the Pinterest blog as a reference and there are no direct external links to read the blog. This might be because Pinterest wouldn’t like people to leave its website.

So these were all the ways you can do Social Media Optimization for these platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

You can use this blog as a checklist to keep in mind while optimizing these social media handles.

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