Ultimate Guide to Mobile App Marketing in 3 easy steps.

Last Updated on September 5, 2022

Mobile app marketing is a very broad term that refers to app store optimization tools, making amazing app Marketing Strategies, understanding how to promote an app, and all other things like that.

So, let’s jump to the basics of Mobile App Marketing which is understanding the need of mobile app marketing.
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Why Mobile App Marketing

Many creators focus on creating apps that: serve the user fluently, give them amazing returns and address a pain points.

  • Android has more than 2 Billion active users right now.

This means that if you are building an app, there is a very high chance that if your app is coded well, then you can high downloads than usual apps in the Google Play Store.

  • Drive e-commerce traffic from your app only.

If your app focuses on anything else other than shopping stuff. Then, if you add an e-commerce section in your app, then you can make it easier for your visitors to make a purchase.

  • App discovery becomes everywhere (almost)

Google also feeds your search query result with app suggestions. Recently, Google started pushing out app suggestions on its Search Engine Results Page. This means that if you take App Store Optimization seriously, then you could see organic results like never before.

Now, these were some of the reasons why you should consider doing App Store Optimization.

App Marketing Strategies

Do you know what more than 90% of app makers are doing? They just build an app and stop spending on the development part. This is a very wrong way to make an app.

App Marketing Strategy
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So, what’s the right approach to app marketing strategies?

1. Find your suitable and right keywords

Yes! Keywords are everywhere. Google is all about keywords. And Play Store is no different.

One of the major ways on how to increase app downloads is by including relevant keywords in your App’s Title bar, Description box, and other spaces.

2. Optimize your App Screenshots well

App Screenshots are something that almost everyone sees while downloading the app. So, if you upload clear images with amazing copies that compel people into downloading your app, it could cause wonders for you. Hence, optimizing the screenshots is also one of the best App marketing strategies.

3. Perform a thorough competitor research

Download all of your competitor’s apps. See what they are doing. Understand the timings of sending notifications. Check how often do they roll out updates. What’s new that they’re doing.

Once you analyse all these factors, you’ll understand how you can also create one of the best app marketing strategies for your own app.

How to promote an app

Currently, in the market there are more mobile phone users than desktop PC users in the market. So, it means that apps are going to be the next big thing if you’re taking them seriously.

When you’re looking for how to create an app, you need to understand what all you need to do to keep people opening your app every now and then.

There are very few people who are focusing on Push notifications. This is our first and the best app marketing strategy.

1. Push notifications

Ask this question to yourself: how many times do you open an app directly from the notification panel? Many times.

In a survey it was found that as close as 60 to 80 times did people check out their notifications. This means that if we drop out the social media apps from this, then it gives us some hope that your app notification can be clicked.

So, you need to start investing in App notification development. Understand the psychology your competitors are playing with seeing how you can improve it.

2. Preview Video

In the screenshot option, you have the ability to upload a preview video. This preview video can give you increased conversions by up to 25%.

Now, when you’re looking for how to promote an app, it becomes essential to show something to the visitors about what your app is all about.

You can take examples from games. They have some of the best copies written that show you how to actually do mobile app marketing.

3. Downloads don’t define your app’s growth

In the beginning, it may become difficult to get downloads on your app. And it is fine even if people are not downloading your app, as long as you’re not doing anything wrong or illegal.

If you have considered app store optimization tools well enough, then you won’t have to worry. Because this is where Google comes into play. Google promotes your app like anything if you’re following its guidelines.

Other than these three main fundamentals, let’s give you a clear idea of how to promote an app.

1. Use Facebook Ads

Facebook gives you an option to promote apps. Inside the Facebook Ads Manager, you can select the option to promote an App under the Consideration category.

facebook adds tool

Select the option and then on the next screen, you’ll have to select the App you want to promote and do the needful.

facebook adds tool menu

So, this is how you can use such app marketing strategies with Facebook Ads.

2. Share information on forums and Quora

People are discussing about JUST anything on the internet. So, if you are also actively available on the internet, then you can also find people who need your app.

So, go to online forums of your niche and Quora and start answering queries. Link out to your App and tell them why your App is a must have in this category.

This way, you’ll do free promotion of your app and that’s it.

So, this is how you can promote your app. Don’t worry if you’re just starting out. It takes time to see the results of your Organic efforts, but they’ll definitely pay you off in some time.

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