VyprVPN Review 2022: Is VyprVPN Worth Your Money?

Last Updated on December 10, 2022

With the market being filled with cheap and reliable VPNs and every single one of those tries to stand above the rest with their features or prices and then there is Vypr which is expensive and does almost nothing to stand out from the rest, yet it is still compared with the big guns in the VPN market, and surprisingly it stands above some VPNs who spend years developing the applications, so it’s important to aware people about it by making this VyprVPN review.

It might be the only VPN that does not have any unique features and is also neither good nor bad but still gets used by many and also gets compared with some of the best VPNs.

VyprVPN Review

The VPN does have some advanced features, but most of them haven’t seen any updates for quite a while, but they remain useful enough for most users.

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Although VyprVPN doesn’t brag about being the best VPN, it is still used by almost everyone and is available on most devices. Though it is not a well-known VPN, it does have those all-time favourite features and also provides the user with:

1. Accessibility: Vypr is a great VPN to get access to sites that are blocked in some countries and regions. However, almost every VPN can give access to some blocked sites, but Vypr provides the user with unlimited data.

2. Privacy: Just like Express, Nord, or some other top-tier VPNs, Vypr also has some excellent security protocols like OpenVPN and WireGuard, which are some of the best security protocols which ensure the safety of the user’s online activity.

3. Speed: Vypr falls short in providing the user with a blazing internet connection speed. The server speed of Vypr is below average, and unfortunately, it is not one of those VPNs which can completely say goodbye to buffering.

4. Security: VyprVPN security is strong because it has strong in-built security systems, and every single one of its servers is protected with high-grade encryption, which makes sure that your data won’t leak. Moreover, your device will be protected from any malware attacks if you are using public wifi or browsing on a shady website.

5. No geo-restriction: Geo-restricted sites are blocked in many countries or regions, which does not allow users to access some sites and some libraries of major streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.


Best features in VyprVPN

Not being a well-known VPN does not necessarily mean that Vypr is a bad VPN. It also has some of the best features that only a handful of top-name VPN providers give.

VyprVPN Advance features
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1. DNS Configuration: It is a great feature to check how many devices are connected to the VPN. As Vpypr has limitations to how many devices can be simultaneously connected. DNS configuration will show the name of the devices that are connected rather than, unlike other VPNs, which just reveal the IP addresses of the connected devices.

2. Automatic port selection: It is a great and simple-to-use feature that boosts the connection, as it redirects the incoming data toward a firewall which increases the connection speed and is more than enough to turn an average connection into a good one.

3. Kill switch: It is simply one of the best features which ensure the safety of the device and the user’s information. Kill switch ensures that your device does not make any unprotected connection, and if it does, then kill switch will automatically disconnect the internet connection, which will prevent the user’s data from leaking out or the system from getting a virus.

However, a kill switch can quickly turn from the best safety feature to the worst and most annoying one in a blink. Sometimes it can disconnect the device while the user is doing some important work or while making in-app purchases. Though, this problem can be easily solved by combining kill switch with split tunneling.

4. Split tunneling: One of the greatest features of VPNs is also available for Vypr. However, it is neither big nor advanced, and separately it can’t do anything but can work as an excellent addon for kill switch. Split tunneling gives the user complete control over which apps and websites should go through the VPN and which shouldn’t.

However, it can be risky to use this method because the VPN won’t be able to do anything if the IP is leaked or the device is attacked by a virus through the websites or apps that are going through split tunneling. Kill switch won’t be able to disconnect the connection if the apps and websites are going through split tunneling.

5. Live chat support: Many famous VPNs fall short when it comes to the customer support area, as they give the user a bot to discuss their problem, which makes them even more troubled. However, Vypr stands above them with its great 24/7 live chat support, which can literally solve the user’s query in a minute. 

VyprVPN servers and locations

An obvious question that is asked by every VPN provider is how many servers and locations they give the user and whether it varies in different subscription plans?. This question also applies in this VyprVPN review, and it answers this by providing the user with 70 different servers on a worldwide location to choose from, and no the number of servers does not differ from other plans. 

VyprVPN Server
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70 worldwide servers seem to be enough to satisfy the users, but less than half of the servers can provide the user with a good internet connection speed or be able to grant them access to restricted websites. The number goes even down if the user wants to do torrenting or to unlock streaming libraries of major platforms.

Vypr is not that great of a VPN when it gets compared with the big guns that give the user over 3000 servers at a worldwide location, and they basically promise the user’s privacy and security and provide high connection speed to them.

It is ture that Vypr has a limited number of servers but let’s not forget that every single one of those servers is protected by high-grade encryption and uses top-notch security protocols like OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP/IPsec, etc., which ensures the user’s device and their online activity won’t be harmed by any third party sites or apps.

Is VyprVPN safe for torrenting?

As every single server in this VPN is safe and secure, which makes it is a great choice for torrenting. However, not every server allows torrenting, and the list gets even narrower as most of the servers have below-average speed, which can be time-consuming. If we talk about torrenting there are a lot of other competitors avaliable like Proton VPN, which can be a much better option.

Only a handful of serves remain after eliminating these. The remaining servers are suitable for torrenting as they have excellent security protocols, encryptions, and decent speed. But keep a thing in mind that if the user is downloading a big file from torrent websites and if the file has seeders lower than five-digit numbers, then the download can take hours to finish.

Is VyprVPN good for gaming

Connection speed and stability are the most essential things in gaming, and unfortunately, Vypr does not deliver either of them to be considered as a gaming VPN.

However, Vypr can be used to purchase games at a low price by connecting the servers to a different country where the cost of that game is lower. However, it can’t be used to purchase all the games at a low price because Vypr has limited servers, and every one of them will lower the price.

However, Vypr is still a good choice; if you want to purchase games at a low price without worrying about your data being leaked or your device getting attacked by viruses, then Vypr is definitely one of the safest choices, it’s the reason VyprVPN is counted in the best VPNs for UAE.

Device Support

vyprvpn Suppourted Device
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1. Windows: VyprVPN is available for Windows, but it can only run on Windows 10 and 11.

2. Mac: It is available for mac, and the features of Vypr are similar to windows. There is only one difference between them: they support different tunneling protocols. Although both tunneling protocols are top-notch, they won’t damage the device or user’s information in any way.

3. Linux: Vypr also gives different protocols to Linux users and can be run on almost any Linux device. The protocols, security systems, and features are also excellent, but it no matter what the device may be, Vypr does not change the number of its server, and the cons of this VPN are applied to all the devices.

4. iOS: In terms of design and functionality the iOS version is surprisingly much to the windows. Vypr provides iOS users with the same security features it does for Mac.

5. Android: Every feature of this VPN that is available for different devices is also available for android, and the android shares the same OpenVPN protocol as the Windows version.

Is VyprVPN worth your money?

It is not quite as well known as most VPNs in the market, and VyprVPN are just about average. That is why we think its important to make a VyprVPN review to give the audience a clarity. Despite this, VyprVPN is an easy-to-use VPN with safe servers and reliable features that works with most devices.

Vypr is not an all-rounded VPN, and the answer to the question will depend on what the VPN is being used for.

If you are having trouble deciding if this VPN is worth your money, then you can use the VyprVPN premium trial version, which has a 30 days money-back guarantee that is more than enough to check out if the VPN is worth the money or not. Moreover, VyprVPN free trail is not avaliable.

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