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Last Updated on September 3, 2022

ORM or Online Reputation Management is the collective work that is undertaken to maintain an image of your brand on the internet. As the word comes “online”, it is understood that it means the internet.

As per Google, almost every purchase decision is made with a Google search. And that people are not just “going online” but on the internet. And the searches are made in those little moments.

So, if you have your business on the internet, then you can expect to have some clicks on your business page.

But, the clicks are also dependent on what is ORM your brand is having. Companies offer Online Reputation Management Services but what exactly is the ORM in Digital Marketing that they offer?

How ORM in Digital Marketing is done effectively.

What Is Online Reputation Management (ORM)?

ORM or Online Reputation Management is a brand positioning strategy that is undertaken to elevate your brand’s image online. Every brand wishes to know their customer’s feedback about them at one point or another. 

You might have seen in the month of May, the JCB trend started in India. People started showering love on this brand out of nowhere.

After the trend, the brand had to come out to thank people for the love they were receiving. This is what is ORM. An example of how the brand responded to something which was happening on the internet is Online Reputation Management.

Now, let’s see the types of Online Reputation Management (ORM) that can make you understand your brand positioning strategy better.

Types of Online Reputation Management (ORM)

You can do online reputation management in multiple ways. Let’s take examples of each type.

1. Paid Media

Paid Media is one of the best ways to maintain your brand image on the internet. Google AdWords or Facebook Ads can help you in the best way.  Other than that, you can use Testimonials or Influencer Marketing to create a hype about your brand. You can extend your reach with influencer marketing and expect some attractive brand positioning strategy.

paid media post

paid media post 2

2. Media Coverages

So, media coverage plays a very important role in maintaining your brand’s image on the internet. People believe in newspapers and news channels. So, if you have been covered in a news channel or a newspaper, then you must post their links or screenshots on social media.

Along with this, many companies make a Featured On column on their website and post all the icons of the websites on which they have been published or covered. This is one of the most working Online Reputation Management services as it’s directly involving the brand image with other news channels.

Immediately after seeing the news channel’s or newspaper’s logo on your website or your social media, the image of your brand changes in the mind of the visitor.

media coverages

So, you can use a similar brand positioning strategy on your website and it might increase your chances of converting more people.

3. Active on Social Media

If you are actively responding to comments – negative or positive – then you are far ahead of your competitors. You might have seen some of those brands on social media who actively respond to each and every comment they receive on their posts. This is a great brand positioning strategy under ORM in Digital Marketing.

This way, the users or potential customers would think that if they comment on your posts, they would get a reply. And it’s the core of social media that works. The word ‘social’ in social media stands for conversation. If you’re not conversing with your potential customers, then your competitors would. And they would convert them into buyers.

Now let’s see how to tackle negative comments on your social media.

4. Tackling Negative Comments on Social Media

Negative comments mean that there is some scope of improvement in your brand. Take the negative comments seriously. See where the problem is coming from and try to solve it. ORM in Digital Marketing would come later. This is a very important part that will give you immense growth. Understand what problems your users are facing. Then try to give them a solution.

For example: Have a look at the screenshot below and see how this telecom company replied to a negative comment on its Facebook Page.

social media comments

This way, the customers or potential customers would know what problems could they face in the future. And after the reply made by the company, the customers know that you can get a solution in Inbox as well.

5. Facebook Messenger Bots

The Facebook Messenger Bot is a tool that automatically replies to people on your behalf. It also provides them with pre-built queries that help the users select what they want an answer to.

Chatbots can help you do almost anything from one message box. Though it’s still developing. But, Facebook Chatbots help in getting answers to problems, downloading an ebook, ordering food, or even doing a live video call with a call representative.

If you have a Chatbot installed on your website or a Facebook Chat Bot applied on your Facebook page, then a lot of positive graphs can happen for your business. According to a survey by Oracle, More than 80% of businesses would be using chatbots by 2025.

The Bots are programmed to understand a user’s query and give a reply based on that query. In some Chatbot providers like MobileMonkey, you can write multiple answers to one query.

For Example: You can write “I Love You” in the query section. And for this query, you can write various probable answers.

So, the Chatbot will not be answering the same automated response again and again.

6. Google Maps Ratings

Google Maps result proves to be an important facilitator at giving you business.

Suppose you have your business listed on Google Maps. Now someone clicks on your business name and sees you have a rating below 3. Why do you think the customer would choose you?

Now, if you’re having the “owner” account of the Google My Business account, you can reply to those comments with a dedicated response. Thus, people would think that your business is a customer centric business. Therefore, you can make use of Google Maps Ratings ORM in Digital Marketing strategy for your business.


We hope your ideas are clear on Online Reputation Management (ORM in Digital Marketing). This is how you can make the most use of the resources available to you and create a brand image that makes your brand stand strong and firm.

Make sure you follow these strategies and always have a customer centric approach. This way your brand can maintain a great image on the internet.

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