10 Best WordPress Blog Themes For Beginners In 2022

Last Updated on September 5, 2022

Having a hard time decreasing the bounce rate or increasing the traffic is a common problem for many websites, no matter how good the content may be. There are several ways to overcome these problems, and one of those would be to make your website look more organized and professional with one of the best WordPress blog themes. To put it more simply, you are going to need a new theme.

The WordPress theme market is filled with a huge variety of both free and premium themes, and every single one of them is unique in its own way.

It can be overwhelming to decide which theme you should use for your website. However, you don’t need to worry about searching themes and then comparing them to find out which suits best for your website because we are here to do that job for you, and we will introduce you to the best WordPress blog themes of all time.

Top 10 WordPress Blog Themes Of All Time

1. Extra

Extra WordPress themes
Image Source:athemes.com

Extra is an easy-to-use theme and also one of the most standard themes for blogs. It is an ideal WordPress theme for those who want to do in-depth customization to their websites and want an easy time doing so.

Extra is all about exploring. It is a flexible theme and can be used for almost any website, whether it be online stores, portfolios, digital magazines, etc.

It offers a variety of prebuilt templates, sidebar layouts, header & footer layouts, and widgets. In addition, every single one of them can be customized in the Divi builder, including post sliders, post feeds, etc. This will help you to deliver your content more accurately to the readers.

Extra is an easy-to-use theme with a great drag-and-drop editor that will easily make your website look more elegant and stand out from the rest.

It offers more with its colours, sizing, and fonts and can be easily customized without codes. The designs are fully responsive to any screen size.

Extra is a premium theme and can be purchased through Elegant themes. The theme is worth its price considering the features it offers and is one of the best WordPress blog themes.

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2. Olsen

olsen WordPress theme
Image Source:cssigniter.com

Olsen is by far the best theme for all lifestyle or fashion bloggers as it can store all the content with its crisp fonts and eye-catching layouts.

Olsen can easily make any reader feel comfortable with its soothing layout, which navigates and share the content almost perfectly without needing any customization.

However, it is not like there is no room for customization. The owner can easily customize the theme in the elementor plugin to their liking.

Olsen is yet another premium theme with a variety of fully customizable in-built templates and widgets. However, its unique feature would be its content slider.

The content slider allows the owner to add up to six photos or blogs that can be either shown at the top of the article or the end.

This feature is excellent for almost every type of blogging website, but it becomes an ideal choice for fashion bloggers, as they can show their work to the audience with its smart slides, and it will also help them decrease the bounce rate and will also allow them to generate more traffic.

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3. News Live

News Live WordPress theme
Image Source:Wordpress.org

As the name suggests, it is a simple theme that is mainly focused on news websites. However, it can also be used for blogging or for showing portfolios.

Though it is not that much of a flexible theme and only has a handful of prebuilt templates and widgets but it covers ups for those weaknesses with its eye-catching and customizable layout. The theme comes with an impressive number of sidebars, slideshows, post formats, and portfolios, and not to forget that all these are available for free.

With its posts and page layout, you can quickly turn some gloomy-looking posts or pages into eye-catching and professional looking.

It is a well-suited theme for beginners and professionals. However, its only downside would be its limited number of templates and fewer customization settings.

Overall, NewsLive is excellent for starting a blogging website and will help you stand out from the competition.

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4. Astra

astra WordPress theme
Image Source:Wordpress.org

Astra is a user-friendly, easy-to-use, and all-rounder theme. It is one of those few themes which can be used to build any website. Astra has tons of customizable options and can be customized for smartphones, desktops, and tabs. The theme also makes sure to include a huge variety of templates, and every single one of the prebuilt templates can be customized to the user’s need.

However, there are some features and templates that you might not be able to use. Most of the advanced features and templates are only available in the premium version.

Overall, the free version of Astra is still considered to be one of the best blog themes. Astra takes its features and templates to a whole new level in the premium version, and it will guarantee a smooth time for the audience.

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AKEA Worspress theme
Image Source:themeforest.net

Akea is an ideal theme for those who believe in “the fewer, the better”. It is a great choice for those who want a minimal blogging theme and likes to come directly to the point without too much side information and expect readers with a similar taste.

The owner gets complete control over how much content should be shown on a page or in a post and can also play with the spacing.

Akea is way more different than other themes as it offers a relatively small selection of templates and widgets, and every single one of them is open for customization.

However, it is not a theme for those who want to include every single piece of information in their article. Though being limited does not mean that there is no room for sidebars, menus, or navigation bars. Akea makes sure to deliver these features and force the audience to spend more time on the website.

Overall, Akea is a premium theme and is an excellent choice for all blogging websites and also for some e-commerce sites as it supports the woocommerce plugin.

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6. Pearl

Pearl WordPress theme
Image Source:themeforest.net

Pearl is one of the most advanced, feature-rich, flexible, and one of the best WordPress themes for blogs. It is an easy-to-use theme and can be customized to suit other business websites like digital magazines or even e-commerce websites.

However, this theme is only suited for larger websites. It would be a waste if you just used this theme for blogging while you could do so many interesting things with it.

Pearl includes complete customization of sidebars, headers, footers, page & post layouts, widgets, fonts, colours, even the loading animation, and more. These features make sure that the users get a good time while browsing your website.

Pearl doesn’t make any compromises and makes sure to show the content in a professional and eye-catching way, no matter how long the article may be.

In addition, it has a wide variety of prebuilt templates that are ready to go or can be easily customized in elementor.

Overall, Pearl is a premium theme and is worth its money, but as said earlier, it is most suited for bigger websites, as they will have more content to use this theme to its full potential.

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7. Hueman

Hueman WordPress theme
Image Source:Wordpress.org

Hueman is yet another free-to-use theme that has not only an interesting selection of layouts but also eye-catching sidebars and widgets.

Hueman includes fully customizable sidebars and a variety of widgets that can make your website stand out from the rest.

It is a great free WordPress blog theme that can easily help your website stand out from the rest. Thanks to its sidebars, not only your website will look more interesting, but it will also be a lot more organized.

However, Hueman does not have a variety of prebuilt templates. You will only be able to import the widgets, templates, and gibberish written on them.

Though it is not like they can’t be customized, the customization is time-consuming and could introduce you to features you might never need. It is recommended that you only import the widgets and not anything else because it might waste your time introducing you to javascript or telling you how the theme works.

Overall, Hueman is a free and easy-to-use theme and is well suited for newly created blogging websites and can easily help them to showcase their content in a more professional-looking way.

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8. BloggingBox

BloggingBox WordPress theme
Image Source:affapress.com

As the name suggests, it is a theme specially built for blogging, and it can easily compete against Astra, which is also one of the best themes for blogging. However, BloggingBox is an underdog, and many people might have never heard of this free theme.

It provides the user with three different fully customizable prebuilt templates to choose from, and every single one has a different and interesting layout that is well suited for any blogging website.

This theme can be used to show your portfolios and is also compatible with woocommerce. It has a clean and responsive design ideal choice for all freshly created websites.

Overall, it is one of the best WordPress blog themes but is not a good choice for bigger blogging websites as they will need more space to show their content, and most of the area in this theme is already consumed by the slideshows and sidebars.

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9. Lovecraft

Lovecraft WordPress theme
Image Source:wordpress.org

Lovecraft is a simple, easy-to-use theme most suited for lifestyle and travel blogging websites.

Moreover, it is a free theme that has over 10000 downloads. The theme is compatible with both WPBakery and the elementor plugin for easy customizations and page building.

Lovecraft provides users with a variety of prebuilt templates and other advanced features, including slider revolution, page transitions, and more.

Overall, Lovecraft is a free and one of the best WordPress blog themes for lifestyles and traveling articles.

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10. Poseidon

Poseidon WordPress theme
Image Source:wordpress.org

Poseidon is yet another free-to-use theme. The theme brings impressively designed magazine-style home page layouts to the table.

Poseidon is one of the best choices of themes to display various post categories in a single post. Although the default layout is impressive as it is, it can be easily customized in the elementor plugin to suit the user’s liking.

The theme also offers a good variety of slideshow templates, featured images, and room for custom header and footer building.

Overall, Poseidon brings a lot of features to the table for free. It is one of the best themes for the new blogging website creators.

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Selecting a good theme for your blogging website is neither easy nor a difficult task. There are not many things to keep in mind while looking for a blogging theme.

The only things that you should keep in mind before installing or purchasing a theme would be that they are fully responsive, user-friendly, have a good number of widgets, and also mobile-friendly. These are the most common things you should keep in mind before installing or purchasing a theme, and you can easily check these by going through their features.

It might sound a little overwhelming if you are building a website for the first time. However, it doesn’t matter if you are making your first website or your hundredth website because the themes given in the list above can easily help you in your task.

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